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Londoners spend £14.50 on leaving gifts for colleagues…

1st Feb 18 11:18 am

And 64 per cent admit that their colleagues don’t contribute to leaving gifts at all

January 31st was Resignation Day, the day that people in the UK are most likely to hand in their notice.

When resignation letters land, it’s not just HR departments in London that are faced with more paperwork. The awkward question of ‘what shall we get them as a gift?’ will shortly follow and people in Belfast will have to deal with their office managers chasing them for money for their soon-to-be ex-colleague.

To tie in with ‘Resignation Day’, group payment and personal fundraising platform, Leetchi.com has delved into London’s attitude towards donating cash for their colleague’s send-offs, to see just how we all feel about the potentially awkward farewell.

The average amount that London donates for their work pals is £14.50, compared to the national average of £11 – making them more generous than most.

However, over a quarter (27 per cent) of people in London said that they don’t like their coworkers enough to bother and a shocking 64 per cent of London’s workforce admit that their co-workers often opt out of contributing altogether!

15 per cent admitted that they feel awkward when their office managers ask them for cash, and a further 25 per cent revealed that they have been disappointed with leaving gifts they’ve received from their colleagues.

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