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Londoners are spending less on going out for meals and takeaways to save money

by LLB Reporter
29th Mar 23 3:54 pm

Close to half of those surveyed in London by home appliance brand Candy state that they would like to learn more about smart home appliances and how they can save them time and money.

The survey also showed that 69% of households in London would rather save financially when using their kitchen appliances compared to 32% of people who said they would rather save time when doing household chores.

Today smart appliances can offer a solution to homes where you can save time and money.

When London households were asked how they were cutting down on their expenses, considering recent global events the top three cutbacks has been revealed that 7% are spending less on takeaway, 3% are going out less for meals, whilst 43 % are now looking into using smart connected home technology and cooking at home.

With staying in becoming increasingly popular, UK residents are becoming more reliant on their kitchen appliances more than ever, so they can save money since the cost of energy has risen. But what if there was a solution to this? Smart appliances have become considerably popular amongst homeowners, whereby your smart washing machine, oven, dishwasher, or fridge can now be the source of you not only saving money but also saving you time.

The survey revealed that 53% of households in London spend most of their ‘free time’ doing household chores after they finish work, compared to 32% who said they cared for their family/loved ones and 33% who run errands.

Lack of knowledge on energy efficiency was also something that London residents felt they lacked. With 34% of consumers admitting that the one thing they would like more help with understanding would be ‘being more energy efficient’ in the home to reduce electricity bills. Whereas over 40% said they would love to learn even more about smart appliances on a whole and further understand how smart technology can save them time and money.

London households also confirmed they would enjoy cooking more if they had some sort of recipe inspiration, with a majority also revealing they would cook more if they had help cleaning up afterwards.

Smart appliances like those offered by Candy can offer just that, with Candy offering consumers a range of ovens that allow households to prep meals and oven batch cook – saving time and also money on energy costs.

The survey also looked into why UK residents order takeaways which resulted in 37% of London households admitting they are too tired to cook.

With smart ovens today offering consumers recipes and professional cooking results at home, UK homes can now take advantage of bringing restaurant-quality recipes to the comfort of their own home, where they can enjoy time with the family and also have access to delicious recipe ideas. Candy’s hOn app is ideal for this, which connects you to 100’s of recipes to pick from. This can be one way that households in Britain can start to save money in.

Now let’s not forget laundry, the favourite chore of all, or is it?

54% of households admitted that they do an average of two to three hours of laundry a week, compared to 21% of homes who do between four to five hours a week. This over a month accumulates to 12 to 20 hours of laundry washing. This can have a considerable impact on the household income and can cause pressure on families financially, especially in Winter months.

But it seems that some households in London are unsure which programme to put their washer on to, with 57% of households admitting that they are not clear on what programme to set, where they can reduce energy consumption and protect the quality of their clothes.

But these concerns can be solved with smart technology leading the way. Consumers can now find out which cycle is best suited to the amount, type and colour of laundry by just using their smart phone, with the exclusive Snap&Wash function featured on the Candy RapidÓ washing machine. All the user has to do is take a photo of their pile of laundry and the app recommends the best most efficient and quickest programme to wash them at. In addition, it also automatically sets the right temperature and spin speed. This is all part of Candy’s energy saving products that are A-rated, saving households time and money.

With smart appliances at affordable pricing being at the forefront of Candy’s product offering, households could start to connect with their smart appliances, allowing their appliances to do all the work and giving consumers flexibility and reliability.

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