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London trade shows your boutique should be at each year

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22nd Nov 19 12:39 pm

Boutique owners are facing high competition, particularly in London where fashion has always been an important industry. One of the best ways to showcase your clothing items and beat the competition is to attend a trade show with a beautifully designed display and the right staff to capture new leads and revenue. In London, there are many annual fashion trade shows worth your time.

London is one of the fashion hubs of the world. Anyone with fashion cred will be stopping through the city to see new designers, and it’s not uncommon to see a fashion celebrity wandering through the booths at some of the more prestigious shows.

As a boutique owner, it would be worth your time to invest in a trade show or two in the city. Here are some worth considering:

Pure London

Pure London has branded itself as “the UK’s leading fashion trade show for both man and woman.” The Festival of Fashion brings together the most creative minds in worldwide fashion to showcase collections, gain business insights, and connect with international brands.

After viewing cutting-edge fashion walks, brands can attend educational seminars, learn industry insights, make connections with fashion’s best and brightest, listen to exclusive speakers, and share new designs with professionals.

Pure London accepts registration from boutique owners and fashion designers if there’s room and you’re able to pay the premium. Attending would mean being part of an amazing opportunity to take your boutique to the next level.

London Textile Fair

Every year, the London Textile Fair attracts more than 470 exhibitors from all over Europe, including Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Portugal, and the UK. This is a premier show in which your products can be on display in front of some of the most influential buyers in Britain.

Most exhibitors are manufacturers of fabric and clothing in the high-street clothing industry, but there’s a space for boutique owners with truly unique or vintage clothing items. It’s a great opportunity to get your foot in the door with some of Europe’s largest high-street chains.

Scoop International Fashion Show

Scoop International Fashion Show is a top event for boutique owners offering contemporary women’s wear. The goal is to connect top designers in modern women’s clothing with buyers, other designers, and fashion leaders who can put your little boutique on the map.

To stand out at this show and others on the list, select your most unique, cutting-edge designs. The status quo designer may not even be accepted for the show, as the show’s organizers have a reputation to maintain in only showcasing the best displays of contemporary female clothing and accessories. So, put your game face on, and bring the best to the table when applying for a booth.

National Wedding Show

Brides across Europe are aching for an opportunity to attend the National Wedding Show held yearly in Manchester. Not only are these brides exposed to some of the most amazing clothing designs in London, but they’re also treated to a luxury experience. If you can add to their relaxing visit with high-quality fashion, you’ll be in.

This is also a great opportunity for you to connect with fashion leaders, buyers, and textile manufacturers in the area. These connections may yield incredible opportunities for growth and improvement of your brand.

Remember that you don’t have to make bridal gowns to attend this show. Bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen suits, and other wedding attire is also welcome at the exhibits.

London Vintage Fashion Fair

Anyone in fashion knows the power of vintage fashion in today’s boutiques and high fashion design. It’s emerging all over clothing and apparel industries, and if your boutique specializes in vintage styles, you need to be at the London Vintage Fashion Fair.

This event takes place once a month, so you have ample opportunity to put your stuff out there. Consumers love this fair for the unbeatable prices and exclusive access to classic vintage styles. Buyers and textile manufacturers also show up to share their wares and find up and coming brands worth their time. You can make excellent headway with a booth at this fair.

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