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London among world's most reputable cities

by LLB Reporter
12th Oct 17 10:46 am

Study finds

London has been ranked the 6th most reputable city in the world, according to the Reputation Institute, gaining its highest score as a place people would recommend others visit. Sydney, Copenhagen and Vienna top the ranking. Edinburgh came in at number 15 and Manchester was 39th out of 56. Cairo and Moscow have the worst reputations.


1. Sydney, Australia  6. London, England
2. Copenhagen, Denmark 7. Melbourne, Australia
3. Vienna, Austria  8. Barcelona, Spain
4. Stockholm, Sweden 9. Milan, Italy
5. Vancouver, Canada 10. Toronto, Canada

The Reputation Institute City RepTrak® is a global survey based on more than 23,000 consumer ratings, collected in the G8 countries. The survey ranks the world’s 55 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect. Perceptions regarding 13 attributes are grouped into three dimensions: Advanced Economy, Effective Government and Appealing Environment. Cities with strong reputations are perceived positively in all three dimensions. Cities are ranked on a score from 0-100 and are grouped as Excellent (80+), Strong (70-79), Average (60-69), Weak (40-59) or Poor (Below 40).

James Bickford, Managing Director, Reputation Institute says: “Since the London 2012 Olympics the city has seen a steady increase in reputation, gaining 10 points over the last five years. The city has built on its reputation for showcasing sporting achievement by housing a number of high profile sporting events (such as the ATP World Tour Finals, Champions League Final and European Aquatic Championships) since then that have helped keep London in the global spotlight.

“The election of the first Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has also had a positive impact on outside perceptions of the city. His defence of multiculturalism and attitude towards terrorist attacks have led to a near ‘excellent’ score of 77 on perceptions of whether it is ‘run by well-respected leaders’.

“In addition, it is interesting to note that while London’s reputation has improved, the reputation of the UK amongst the same sample has decreased. The Brexit effect has been particularly prominent on perceptions of the UK as a place to work (down 3.4 per cent since 2016), and to invest (down 3.9 per cent since 2016). London’s place in the world post-Brexit has caused concern, but perhaps we should be focussing more emphasis on the place of the country as a whole.”

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