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Local expert reveals top MOT tips In 2021

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29th Mar 21 10:47 am

Vehicle care if done right can drastically improve the quality of your life. With chaos and turbulence in our daily lives, car care routine is the last thing on our mind. It just slips away until our car starts acting up and we are in the uncomfortable situation of a breakdown with full speed traffic roaring towards us. How about, we take a pledge that this year, not only we will protect our health but also show some love to our road companions i.e our beloved cars. Lockdown and other externalities have changed the way cars operate now but this article will unveil some useful tips you can put to action – right from this moment. This local garage wants to spread awareness on vehicle & MOT tips so you are always safe out there!

What to do before you go in for MOT

The bitter truth is, no matter how fancy your car is – if it is not MOT approved, you can’t drive it. Thinking about MOT pinches a nerve because we feel it is not going to be an easy process. However, you can do certain things before you actually go in for the test.

  • Check your car lights

As basic as it can get you have to make sure that your car lights are properly cleaned. This includes parking lights, reversing lights etc. Lights should not be flickered upon contact or that means there is a fault

  • Correct car tyres

Car tyres have to be the correct fit. Now this means, the type and size have to be compatible with your vehicle. The wheels have to be standard as per your vehicle type.

  • Wipers and windscreens

The wipers should not give you an unclear vision of the road. If they are worn out, it is a good idea to replace them properly.

  • Check suspension

Suspension you can get checked from an expert – if you are having difficulty checking it yourself. One easy test to check suspension is to apply weight on corners of the car and then to let it go. The course of movement will let you know if suspension is okay or not.

Importance of choosing the right MOT garage

If you really want to keep yourself safe from unnecessary trouble, you should consult and choose the right person for the job. Sadly, many garages misguide the customer by piling up requests for extra repair work for car and lengthy procedures. For MOT in London, Iverson Tyres is a very smart choice as they have a wholesome experience in the industry and their branches are sanitised to perfection. The parameters for deciding where to go should entail: customer reviews, expertise of staff and clarity of prices.

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