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Labour says ‘the ball is in the government’s court’

by LLB Politics Reporter
8th Apr 19 1:43 pm

Theresa May has so far failed to convince the Labour party to support the Brexit divorce deal, with just two days to go until May is to attend the emergency European Union summit.

May will try to convince EU leaders to allow an extension to Article 50’s deadline on 12 April.

May said on Saturday evening the longer it takes to find a compromise over Brexit talks with Labour, “the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all.”

So far May has failed to secure any backing for her deal in Parliament, also her negotiations with Brussel’s, and the DUP who props up May’s government has also voted against her.

Sir Keir Starmer Labour MP said, the government have not changed their position, therefore Brexit hangs in the balance.

Starmer said, “Both us and the government have approached this in the spirit of trying to find a way forward. We haven’t found that yet. We will continue to do that.”

He added, “the ball is in the government’s court.

“We need to see what they come back with and, when they do, we will take a collective position on that.”

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