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Kremlin officials believe the war will be ‘over by fall’ and they will win as Russia will ‘grind Ukraine down in the end’

by LLB political Reporter
30th May 22 2:19 pm

Russian forces are trying to make new inroads as they are flooding into the Ukraine’s separatist regions which is seeing intensified fighting in cities in the Luhansk region.

Vladimir Putin’s troops are now intensifying skirmishes mainly around Severodonetsk as the Russian leader renews his “special military operation” but they are seeing fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces.

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The Kremlin believe that they can wait it out with the Ukrainian forces and officials believe they will win the war in Ukraine by the autumn.

A source close to the Kremlin told news outlet Meduza they will “grind [the Ukraine] down in the end” and the “whole thing” will be “over by fall.”

Another official claimed that Russia had pinned hopes on Europe as eventually they will “tire of helping,” the Ukraine over the financial toll in the EU supporting Kyiv to defend itself.

The source believes that Ukrainian allies will eventually need the “money and arms production” dedicated to the country “for themselves.”

Speaking of the fighting in Severodonetsk where Russia are trying to attempt occupy the region, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the “entire critical infrastructure of the city was destroyed.”

Zelensky said, “As a result of Russian strikes on Severodonetsk, the entire critical infrastructure of the city was destroyed. Some 90% of the buildings were damaged.

“More than two-thirds of the housing stock was completely destroyed. There is no communication. Constant shelling. Capturing Severodonetsk is a fundamental task for the occupying contingent.

“And they don’t care how many lives will be paid for this attempt to raise the Russian flag on the boulevard – how bitter the name now sounds: Friendship of Peoples.”

He added, “We are doing everything to contain this offensive.

“There was not a single day that we did not try to find more weapons to protect our land and our people.

“And I am grateful to each and every one who keeps the defense of Severodonetsk and demonstrates to the occupiers that anyway we will reach peace, in our entire state, in the entire Donbas and, of course, in Severodonetsk.”

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