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Kremlin FSB spy warns Putin is set to launch terror attacks on his own people and blow up buildings in Crimea

by LLB Finance Reporter
13th Apr 22 4:13 pm

A Kremlin Federal Security Service (FSB) agent has warned that Vladimir Putin is planning to blow residential buildings in Crimea and in ares of the Belgorod region and kill his own citizens.

The FSB agent warned that Putin is planning to do this so that he can then blame the Ukraine for the attacks which will used to try and gain more support from the public for the war.

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The leaked plot from an FSB agent was given to a well known Russian human rights campaigner who has been living in exile since 2015.

Vladimir Osechkin published parts of the leaked letter on his organisation’s website – gulagu.net – on 10 April.

In the letter, the FSB agent wrote, “Under the control of one of the departments of the Service, the application of V and Z symbols has begun on residential buildings in regions with a particularly high level of ‘symbolic vandalism’.”

“The border areas in the Crimea and Belgorod go separately – they will make special emphasis there.

“It is precisely on these objects that supposedly sabotage strikes can be inflicted (although I am inclined to consider this direct terrorism) in order to increase the level of terrorist threat, readiness for covert mobilisation (mass contracting with conscripts and reservists), etc.”

The Russian spy warned that these terrorist attacks will have unwanted consequences for the authorities.

He said, “No one will inform our colleagues on the ground, I can’t predict the level of planned damage and the presence of victims.

“But such actions (terrorist attacks and hundreds of civilian casualties) will be able to provoke processes that will go beyond any forecasts of the authors of this approach.”

The informant has urged his FSB colleagues not to take part in implementing Putin’s plans, and warned them that they will bear the responsibility for the consequences.

He added, “None of us needs any acts of demonstrative intimidation, much less explosions of residential buildings with people inside.

“If this scenario is implemented now, then completely insane processes will start for everyone.”

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