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Judges are ‘gullible’ over their ‘unacceptable’ and ‘ridiculous’ decision to grant ISIS loony UK citizenship

31st Dec 23 2:17 pm

Judges have come under fire for granting an ISIS fanatic British citizenship and anonymity despite severe warnings from MI5 that he “poses a danger” to the public.

Judges have allowed a Sudanese man to remain in the UK on the grounds of human rights, he is now legally known as “S3.”

The Security Service (MI5) told judges at the “Special Immigration Appeals Commission” (SIAC) that S3 poses a threat to the British public.

The Security Service warned that the Sudanese man who is an ISIS propogandist has previously spread material urging a “jihad” against Western countries and the Home Office have been trying to kick out S3 from the UK for many years.

The Mail on Sunday said that S3 had entered the UK illegally 18 years ago and in 2018 he had his British passport removed as officials believe that he poses a threat, after leaving the UK, he then came back illegally.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith called the judges decision “ridiculous.”

He said, “Judges ought to understand when the Security Services make it clear that someone poses a danger to the British public, he has forfeited his human rights with regards to staying in the UK.”

Professor Anthony Glees, a terrorist expert at Buckingham University, described the judges decision as “unacceptable.”

The decision was made by three judges at SIAC even though they were provided with evidence from MI5.

The Security Service’s evidence stated, “There was a realistic possibility that [he/S3] would seek to radicalise other individuals and encourage them to engage in Islamist extremist activities.”

Alp Mehmet, chairman of think tank Migration Watch, said, “Either our immigration judges are totally gullible, or they derive a perverse pleasure from siding with chancers, crooks and terrorists, and putting their interests before those of the British people.

“If terrorists are to roam freely among us, we have a right to know who they are and what harm they could potentially do.”

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