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Jeremy Hunt warns general election before Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’

28th May 19 11:21 am

Jeremy Hunt the foreign secretary has warned that having an general election before Brexit would be “catastrophic” for the Conservative Party.

Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “I’m worried that if we don’t solve it (Brexit), we will face a political crisis that is far bigger actually than our legal relationship with the EU, it could lead to the destruction of our party system and the end of my own party.”

Hunt campaigned to Remain during the 2016 referendum however, he has now become more and more Eurosceptic.

He said he had “always believed we should keep no deal on the table” as it is the “best way of getting a good deal.”

“I’ve always thought that ultimately our economy would find a way to flourish even with the shock of no deal, but the biggest risk to Brexit now is … a general election.”

He added, “We must not go back to the electorate asking for their mandate until we’ve delivered what we promised we would do last time, which is to deliver Brexit, it would be absolutely catastrophic for us as a party.”

He said it is important to “find a different way to get a deal” and added that “we have to have a go at this,” proposing to form a wider negotiation team.

“The only solution to the extremely difficult situation we’re in – and I don’t want to pretend that there’s an easy way through this – is to change the Withdrawal Agreement,”

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