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Is NASDAQ (NDAQ) stock a buy or sell? Deciphering the signals

by Thea Coates Finance Reporter
24th Apr 24 6:14 am

The Nasdaq Stock Market, known for its high-tech pedigree, is a global electronic marketplace where stocks are bought and sold.

It has become synonymous with the technology and internet sectors, where many of the world’s biggest companies prefer to list.

But it’s not only a market operator; Nasdaq, Inc. (NDAQ) is itself a publicly-traded company offering a diversified suite of services including trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information, and public company services.

NDAQ stock analysis

As of late, after a comprehensive evaluation of alternative data, AltIndex has allocated a buy signal to Nasdaq (NDAQ). Our sophisticated algorithms, which zealously dissect myriad forms of alternative data, aim to accurately gauge company performance and anticipate movements in the share price.

This analytical approach has led to the company earning an AI score of 68 out of a possible 100, indicating strong potential.

NDAQ PriceAI ScoreJan 29Feb 5Feb 12Feb 19Feb 26Mar 4Mar 11Mar 18Mar 25Apr 1Apr 8Apr 15Apr 22$54$57$60$63$660255075100

Reasons behind the high AI score

The optimism surrounding Nasdaq emanates from several indicators captured by our alternative data analysis. A month-over-month spike in job posts, for example, hints at expansion and growth efforts. Similarly, increased sentiment across popular stock forums can often foreshadow growing retail investor enthusiasm, which can drive price momentum.

Employee satisfaction and business outlook metrics, particularly when they’re positive, as in Nasdaq’s case, not only speak to a healthy organizational culture but can also translate to increased productivity and innovation—traits that the market often rewards. Additionally, a spike in web traffic may imply heightened company visibility or an uptick in the utilization of Nasdaq’s services, both of which can positively affect financial outcomes.

Financial performance

Nasdaq’s last earnings report for Q4 2023 indicated a slight year-over-year revenue decline of 2.7%, reporting $1.5 billion. Despite this, the subtle positive share price movement of 0.2% in the past month suggests that the market may have expected worse or believes in the company’s potential for future growth.

Investment decision: Buy or sell?

When piecing together the array of alternative data points with Nasdaq’s recent financial performance, the image that emerges is cautiously optimistic. The high AI score and tangible evidence of growth initiatives, alongside a robust cultural and operational bedrock—as evidenced by internal metrics on employee sentiment—impart reasons for investors to consider this an opportunity.

That being said, every investment decision should be made within the context of an individual’s portfolio strategy and tolerance for risk. The current suggestions point towards a buy signal, but investors should also remain agile, staying abreast of any abrupt shifts in market condition or in the underlying factors that have informed this analysis. As always, a thorough due diligence is recommended before making investment decisions.

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