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Iran launched cyber-attacks on the Post Office and government networks

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
3rd Apr 19 12:36 pm

Iran has been accused of launching many cyber-attacks on the Post Office and the local government networks in the UK in the run up to Christmas.

According to Sky News the attacks happened on 23 December and more than 10,000 pieces of people personal data was stolen.

The data includes postal addresses, email addresses along with people phone numbers and company positions, including the mobile number of Paula Vennells that chief executive of the Post office, 10 peers and MPs.

Banks and other private companies were affected, experts in cyber-security blamed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and further blamed them for the cyber attack the hit the parliamentary network in 2017.

The British security services have remained tight lipped and not confirmed Iran’s involvement, the National Cyber Security Centre said they are “aware of a cyber incident affecting some UK organisations in late 2018.”

Darren Anstee, chief technical officer at IT specialist firm Netscout said, “Political disruption provides a fertile ground for cyber-attacks against government, non-government and international organisations, meaning it’s hardly surprising malicious actors in Iran have mounted an attack against the UK.

“Attacks by Iran can be effective, as groups in the country are known to be employing new techniques, as well as combining custom-made tools with commodity crimeware to extend their reach and impact.

“As a result, it is critical that governments and organisations make themselves aware of these new methods to disrupt and interfere with domestic and international affairs. It is also essential that governments and businesses collaborate closely to neutralise threats and prevent attacks on national institutions.”

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