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How will the casino industry evolve over the next decade

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25th Jan 19 11:01 am

The speed of evolution in the casino industry is increasing each year and within the next decade, the sector will be completely transformed by new technology. It is not just the development of new games that are on the rise as the popularity of gambling is also increasing around the world. There has never been such a large choice of betting options available to gamblers and thanks to the vast competition is has driven technology development towards benefiting the player so that they can gain a competitive edge. Below are my predictions on what will happen in this industry over the next 10 years.

1. Further land based establishment closures

The internet had the biggest impact on the casino industry as it not only open the doors for more people to take part but also made it possible to access gambling games instantly. Gone are the days where punters get dressed up to go to the casino as they can now access everything they could find at an establishment at a top rated site such as Choice Casinos. While the prime located players in the sector are able to withstand the fall in numbers, others that are not located in gambling hot spots such as Las Vegas have found it difficult to make ends meet and have been forced to shut down.

2. Blockchain technological gambling progression

The online casino industry is packed with random number generated games with most of the casinos using the same software providers. That is starting to change as blockchain developers enter the space which is causing a major disruption in the space. This is due to the fact that by using the tech to create games they can be created with a reduced house edge that is not possible via traditional software. As this technology improves over the next few years all platforms will have to make the switch to stay competitive or they will find their player base move to other sites that do offer it.

3. A more immersive gambling experience

Every year that passes by the better graphics technology becomes and over the last few years we have seen a major breakthrough in virtual reality along with augmented reality. Over the next decade, this will increase further until we reach a point that the experience on offer is as realistic as the real world. In Fact, it will create environments that are much more pleasing than the real world as it makes anything possible when you are in a virtual environment.


Playing video games has been on the increase over the last 20 years and is one of the fastest growing in the world. Online casinos over the next decade will have to incorporate this format of the game to their sites in order to cater for the next generation. That will mean more casino websites starting to offer e-sports along with added more skill based titles to their libraries over the coming years. If blockchain technology continues to develop at the speed at which it is presently achieving, it is possible that within the next 10 years that all casinos will be on the blockchain which would be great news for gamblers given the advantages that it offers.

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