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How to pick the right wandrobe for your house

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7th Aug 19 9:42 am

The wardrobe plays an important role in enhancing the ambience of the bedroom in a home. It must be essential, spacious and convenient. Besides the utilitarian factor, it occupies one complete wall  out of the four walls in our bedroom. Gone are the age old days when the closets used to be made of wood or be of wooden colour. Today it just does not stand on one side of the wall but adds a personality to the room. How do we decide which is the right pick for your house can be answered by keeping a few pointers in mind.

Let it be spacious and humble: For those who believe that the main purpose is storage and how well it stacks is important, the exterior can be subtle and humble. The racks and the closed drawers must be designed to suit the user’s needs. You can also check out different dressing table designs to bridge the gap. In a closed locker, the expensive items like jewellery, watches, camera etc can be kept. One door can be kept assigned to clothes that needs to be hung. The blazer as well as the evening gown loses its glamour if folded. A nicely painted wall with floral designs is often the centre of attraction in a child’s bedroom and the closet plays a supplementary demure role.

Let it add to the space: The small “pigeon hole” flats of urban cities face a large challenge. It must have all the furniture and yet it must look spacious. One single colour of the walls and well as the cupboards makes the room look large. White or a pastel shade is the best choice. Mirrors on the walls and storage spaces in the bedroom add to the space.

Add some magic: For those who feel one single colour adds to monotony. Go ahead and add some bold hues. Colour blocks in dual colours on storage units add drama to the bedroom. The walls can remain subtle and the cupboards stand out bold and strong.

Combine the subtle and nouveau look: Wood looks lovely in its natural shade. But a normal woody-look can be very boring to those who want a different look to their furniture. In fact, there are so many shades of wood that one can combine and also give the bedroom a modern feel altogether. So why not play with the different woody colours and give a nouveau touch to your very private space ?

Opt for attractive themes:  Kids love their bedrooms to be decorated with their favourite cartoon character. If the wardrobes bear a Spiderman or a favourite Disney character, it makes the room look very bright and cheerful.

Honour the budget: Everyone has a budget in mind while buying a new piece of furniture. Let us stick to the budget and not go overboard as family requirements and styles keep changing.

So with the above tips in hand, go ahead and plan a home for your clothes and fashion accessories.

Also, do think about the environment and do not buy clothes that you will probably never step out in.

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