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How to increase your ROI using Facebook Ads this holiday season

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10th Dec 23 1:20 pm

With Christmas cheer right around the corner, keeping brand awareness, hitting the right audience, and the right platforms can all get a little much, especially when competing with large high-street brands.

Alongside your marketing team, you can, with a bit of help from a Facebook advertising agency, reach your ideal audience and deliver out-of-the-park results.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are the advertisements that appear in your feed, whether it be via desktop or mobile, and on the right side column of Facebook desktop. The content you usually see is sometimes paired with social actions that your friends and even mutual friends have taken, such as interests and behaviours, locations, and languages spoken; this may only be applied depending on your privacy settings.

What does ROI stand for?

ROI stands for return on investment; in practice, it is the concept of attributing profit and revenue growth to the impact of any marketing campaign. By tracking the ROI, marketers can track revenue growth to determine whether their marketing campaign was successful within their specialised industry.

What is a good ROI for Facebook Ads?

Determining what a good ROI is for Facebook Ads can ultimately depend on many factors, such as:

While a high ROI rate is always desirable, it might not necessarily be the results you receive immediately, especially if you’re new to the platform or have a restricted budget. If that is the case, you should re-evaluate your ways of working by investing your time into increasing your brand awareness through elements such as increasing your followers or even forming content to generate traffic to your website or specific landing page.

While having a high ROI rate might be one way to estimate the success of your Facebook Ad campaign, other alternative rates are just as important to consider, such as click-through rates (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC).

How to increase your ROI using Facebook Ads

As millions of people across the globe use Facebook, a population of users will inevitably come across your advertisement. But, to reach a high population, you must think strategically about how you will put that ad out there.

  • Understanding your target audience

Target your audience using as much detail and data as possible. From personalisation to understanding their likes and dislikes, these are simple ways to generate attention and traffic. Other elements may also include knowing their geographical location and demographics.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

Take advantage of A/B testing by creating two similar versions of an advertisement and see which one performs better. You can implement A/B testing in many ways, especially to understand what reaches your target audience.

  • Trying various media forms

Our favourite medium of advertisement on Facebook is a quick and easy video. Similar to an advertisement on TV or a billboard, video ads can trigger all emotions and are more likely to result in a click to your landing page.

  • Re-evaluate your CTA message

The CTA, also known as your call to action, is the most important element in your Facebook ad. It should stand out from the advertisement and be noticeable. Whether you choose a bright, bold colour or a different type of font – the copy included should be the most inviting element. As well as testing out your entire ad, consider A/B testing with your CTA buttons, too.

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