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How to grow a sense of unity when running a hybrid workplace

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16th Mar 22 12:52 pm

Every business leader who runs a growing company has faced similar challenges over the past two years. For example, many were reluctant to go fully remote because they feared that lack of communication would result in productivity droop.

Entrepreneurs, nowadays, fear that the rising popularity of hybrid and remote work models accompanied by a growing number of employees can affect the sense of unity and belonging in the organisation.

If you run a company that has doubled in size since 2020, employing workers globally, you need to create a company culture that works for remote and office-based employees equally, enhancing employee experience and the sense of community.

Great Resignation continues to take a toll on the overall productivity, revenue, and brand image of numerous companies. HR managers, also need to face various challenges when recruiting and retaining talent. Creating a culture of unity and support while offering tempting benefits packages may be the perfect way to attract and retain top talent.

Here are some steps that you can take to strengthen the sense of unity among your employees, creating tight-knit, highly productive teams for the future.

Share vision and core values

The essential factor that can make a recruiting process much easier is to attract candidates whose mindset and core principles will correspond with the core values you promote. This may be the first step towards fostering exceptional culture across your in-house and worldwide teams. Gen Z is entering the global job market carrying the set of principles based on equal chances for all, social responsibility, and doing meaningful work.

According to the Deloitte Global 2021 survey, 50% of Millenial and Gen Z employees would pick a workplace that fosters values aligning with their core principles.

Therefore make sure that your company culture reflects the values of Gen-Z employees, supporting diversity, inclusivity, equity, supporting the idea of purposeful work and social engagement. By doing this you’ll create a working environment where employees can stay true to themselves, simultaneously being committed to achieving shared goals

Encourage professional growth

A Harvard Business Review states that about 30% of employee turnover is related to the lack of management support and non-existent career growth opportunities. For this reason, you need to promote the company culture by focusing on the importance of life-long learning. Notice

Shortly put, listen carefully to what your employees need to perfect their skills and grow professionally and exceptional training and courses to help them reach these goals.

You can use advanced technology, like apps for tracking work to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs. The employee activity track records will allow you to compare the efficiency and productivity levels before and after training sessions.

You’ll know that your employees are thriving if they become highly productive and efficient while delivering quality outcomes within set deadlines. Besides, the company offering thriving opportunities to the staff will become a magnet for top talent in no time.

Embrace the benefits of advanced technology

Going fully remote may be frightening for business owners wondering how to keep flawless communication across various teams. However, advanced internal messaging and video conferencing platforms have soon become a norm in ensuring seamless communication within organizations.

If you want to make the most of advanced technology in your workplace, focus on hiring candidates from the so-called Covid Class 2021 who already have significant experience in video conferencing and leverage these skills that they bring aboard.

Video conferencing ensures seamless communication, giving coworkers an opportunity to sneak a peek into their homes and get to know each other better. All of this contributes to team unity and harmony.

Make sure to have fun

The fact that your employees don’t share the physical office space, doesn’t mean that they can’t spend time having fun together. You can devise different virtual employee wellness programs, like yoga lessons or online happy hours to bring your employees together.

Various virtual social events will enhance the sense of community, and make them go above and beyond to reach significant company milestones, believing that teams that know how to play together can win together.

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