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How to complete the Biohazard quest chain in Old School RuneScape and what are the benefits

by Sarah Dunsby
25th May 23 2:01 pm

Old School RuneScape is one of the most popular MMO RPGs that has stood the test of time and continues to attract new players and keep old gamers with interesting mechanics and low requirements.

First of all, there is no skill learning in the OSRS – all specialties and skills are learned and pumped through use – similar mechanics are used by Elder Scrolls.

When it comes to gold and how to earn it, Old School Run Scape has a lot of mechanics for getting gold and enhancing your character with investments in equipment and weapons.

  1. Fishing – pumped by catching fish, which can be sold to cooks, or used independently for cooking and strengthening the hero’s combat characteristics for a certain time.
  2. Cooking – uses fish and meat to cook meals and increase the parameters of all players who try them
  3. Extracting wood and breaking fires is one of the easiest activities that are available to all players who have axes. You chop down trees to sell to other players, or kindle fires to regenerate large groups of players and yourself.
  4. Buy cheap osrs gold from the Skycoach service to get the opportunity to buy all the best equipment for your hero and gain advantages and upgrade tools beyond the capabilities of ordinary players. The service guarantees the anonymity and security of deliveries in the face of the game administration.

One of the best ways to level up and get gold is through the quest system. Special assignments that follow each other in a chain and regularly bring rewards and hero development.

Consider one of the most popular quest chains in the Old School RunScape – Biohazard

Preparing for the Biohazard Quest Series

To start the task, you need to get the upper and lower vestments of the priest, which can be purchased for only 12 coins.

Head to Alrena’s house and grab the free gas mask needed for the quests.

Stock up on stamina potions and teleports to Ardun to reduce travel time and interact with local NPCs.

Starting the Biohazard quest in the Old School RunScape

The task will begin with sending to Ardun and communicating with Elena – it is she who issues the quest and is the starting point in a series of tasks.

She will send you to Jericho, a local contact who communicates with members of the public using specially trained pigeons. To find it, you need to focus on the river and go south from the northern part and find a bookcase that contains bird food, which you need to take to the yard and take the cages.

Next, run to Omarth in eastern Adrun, you will find him near Seril Karnillian’s house. After talking with him, you will understand that getting behind the wall and not attracting the attention of the guards will not work, and you will have to look for another plan to get into the city. Run to the watchtower in the north, this is where the solution to distract the guards is located.

When you get to the place – look for the point of contact of the walls with the spikes, there will be an opening between them, where you will need to pass the bird food and the cage that is in your inventory.

Immediately after completing the transfer procedure, run back to Omart and use the rope ladder to climb over the wall and continue your adventure.

Mourners headquarters

I hope you heeded the advice and took a free gas mask in Alrena’s house, if not, then you will have to buy it as an element necessary for the next task.

Put on your gas mask and move to the northeast part of Arum towards the headquarters of the Mourners. From the first time you won’t be able to get inside – they won’t let you in corny, not wanting to be distracted from the meal to communicate with the newcomer, so you will have to look for alternative ways to get inside.

Run around the headquarters from the north, and you will see a cauldron in which food is cooked for the guests of the headquarters, find a gap in the wall and go through it, you will see a rotten apple. Pick it up and take it to the cauldron and throw it inside. Run back and try to get to the Mourners headquarters again.

This time the dialogue will change, and you will be informed that all staff members have received food poisoning and need medical attention.

Run towards the church and you will see Nurse Sarah’s house. Run inside and look for a medical gown – put it on and return to the headquarters. Mistaking you for a doctor (I wonder how, given that they have already seen you, but oh well) you will get the right to enter. You need to go up the stairs and kill the mourner to get a special key. With it, you can open the gate to a secure cage and after spending a little time looking through the boxes you will find Elena’s distiller.

Having obtained the distiller, run to the southern part of the city and look for Kilron, he will help you return to another part of Arun in order to transfer the extracted item to Elena.

Continuing the task, you will meet with a chemist, for this Elena will give you the following items:

  • Plague pattern
  • Northern brolin
  • Etenaeus’ Strange Fluid
  • Liquid honey

A trip to Rimmington is waiting for you – it can be made through the docks, sailing to Falador or Draynor You can hire a captain who will take you to your destination for 30 gold coins.

You need to find and talk to the chemist to get the special paper needed to continue the quest. Never mention that you have a plague sample with you. The NPC will simply destroy it, and you will have to return to Elena for a new one.

To transfer all items to their destination, you need to use messengers from the chemist – give them the goods that you received from Elena and wait for notification of the completion of the transfer.

You need to put on a priest’s outfit, get past all the guards and successfully pass the search due to the absence of prohibited items. From interesting – your sample of the plague is of no interest to anyone. Then you need to pick up all the transferred vials from the messengers and return back avoiding the guards, otherwise the items will be confiscated and the task will have to be partially replayed.

You return to Elena and report that the chemist has found no traces of the plague in the city, and you are given the task of owing this to the king. The king admits that the story was an invention to protect the inhabitants from more terrible troubles, and this will complete the task.

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