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How to access American Netflix from the UK

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2nd Apr 19 9:46 am

Netflix is one of the leading movie streaming platforms worldwide. It has 128 million subscribers in 190 countries, and the number may keep going up. If you’re a movie and series enthusiast, a monthly subscription to Netflix gives you access to more movies and series than you can watch in your entire life if you live well.

With access to thousands of movies and series through the Netflix UK, why would you want to access the American version? According to research, American Netflix is the cream of Netflix subscription where you can access up to three times more content than in the UK version.

For that reason, everyone wants to watch American Netflix and enjoy the exclusive content without necessarily migrating to America. Read on and discover how to access American movies while still in your UK living room.

Why Netflix US is different from Netflix UK

Geographical rights

Movie producers or owners make more money if they sell their film’s rights per country than as a global entity. Some movies can do well in the UK than in the US which also determines the price. Buying exclusive rights for each location is expensive for Netflix, and that’s why they focus more on their domestic market than anywhere else.

It’s for this reason that there is still hope for the cable TV industry in certain parts of the world.

Stiff competition

While Netflix commands more than 50% of the market share, it receives fierce competition from similar platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Video. Sometimes a movie may not be available in your list because another competitor has bought exclusive rights from producers. Due to this, Netflix tactic of overcoming the fierce competition is to purchase exclusive rights for premium content for the domestic market.

Accessing Netflix US while in the UK

Once you subscribe to Netflix, you acquire a global account that you can use from anywhere in the world. The global account restricts you from watching movies and series beyond the geographical location. That means, if you’re abroad, you’ll not access the Netflix UK content and vice versa.

Seeing that Netflix restricts viewing using your device’s location, it’s possible to override the metrics using a Smart DNS proxy. Although many people swear by a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the proxy server and Smart DNS proxy are better and more effective.

Accessing Netflix US using Proxy Server and Smart DNS Proxy

The Proxy server is an intermediary that masks or changes your IP address so that the Netflix servers can give you full access to the American movies and latest series. When using a proxy server, your device appears as if it’s in the US.

You can also Access American Netflix in UK using the smart DNS proxy which unlike the VPN, it uses the proxy to access and stream the broadcast. Since you’ll be streaming from an intermediary, your internet speed is thus faster, and videos will be of better quality.

Although VPNs have been popular in the past, Netflix is always blocking them from accessing their content. This endangers the viewers from the US who could be using them for security reasons. In conclusion, you can settle for Smart DNS proxy to access all the exclusive content in Netflix US while in the UK.

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