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How do London couriers keep your parcels safe?

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22nd Sep 22 10:07 am

Parcel theft has become an increasing issue throughout the London area, becoming ever the more prevalent as the Christmas season creeps closer and closer. However, couriers have a wide range of tips, tricks, and tools that they use to keep your parcels safe, ensuring that they get from point A to point B safely and efficiently.

In the article below, we will discuss how couriers operating across London work to reduce the risk of your parcels being stolen, making sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands!

Remote surveillance cameras

CCTV is a vital tool when it comes down to protecting the safety of delivery drivers and the parcels in their possession, acting as a deterrent that will reduce the likelihood of thieves targeting their vehicle and also helping to catch criminals in the act.

Surveillance Cameras that are monitored remotely are a great CCTV option, as these cannot be tampered with or destroyed by thieves who know how to ensure that any footage gets deleted to conceal their identity.

Tracking devices

Sometimes, it is not just one or two parcels that get stolen, but whole delivery trucks full of items making their way to customers across London.

Courier vehicles that have been fitted with tracking devices are much easier to trace and locate, increasing the likelihood that the police will be able to intercept the stolen vehicle and recover any parcels, meaning they can be back on their route in no time!

Delivery companies that offer specialist same day courier services to their clientele typically carry individual items and operate on a per job basis, meaning your goods will never be transported alongside other deliveries. This helps to greatly decrease the risk of theft, making this less of a concern for those hiring the assistance of a same day courier.


While this may seem like a relatively obvious way that couriers in London work to keep your parcels safe, the number of vehicles that are not properly secured is actually surprisingly high. The best courier companies will work to ensure that high quality locks are used across all of their delivery vehicles, making sure that they are conforming to the most recent safety and security requirements.


Any safety precautions that are taken by a courier company to protect the safety of the parcels that they transport are completely futile if their delivery drivers aren’t aware of what they should be looking out for.

By training staff on how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, risk management, and what to do in the event of an attempted theft, courier companies can work to decrease the risk of your parcels being stolen, also ensuring the safety and vigilance of our delivery drivers!

Courier companies understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes along with parcel theft, which is why our team take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your goods are delivered safety. The protection of our staff and the parcels in their possession while out on the road is our number one priority!

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