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How and why EagleFX became the leading online forex broker

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19th Aug 19 3:17 pm

When you use a Forex trading software, you expect to use a few indicators that will help forecast the price fluctuations in the market. Wouldn’t it surprise you if an application had 30 technical indicators instead of a handful? Yes, you read that right. EagleFX is one of the online trading brokers that have 30 technical indicators and 24 analytical objects only to help traders perform better. When you understand the market condition, you can strategize your investment game accordingly.

Swift transaction processing

What makes EagleFX different from any other online broker is its Straight Through Processing. Powered by an internal liquidity pool, this online broker site assures the best bid for your order every time. Your order is passed to the liquidity pool where the site scans the liquidity providers for the best spread. Most sites offer an average bid for every order so that they can earn their margin. But, not EagleFX. They encourage traders to invest without any second thoughts in their mind.

Understanding the spreads

Forex trading involves a variety of spreads. You should always be on your toes to expect a sudden change in these spreads and change your strategy accordingly. The benefit of using this online broker is it provides variable spreads. So, they will continuously fluctuate according to the ups and downs of the market price.

Many investors prefer to keep an eye on the spreads while they trade. If you are in the same pool, you can keep the Live Spreads page open all the time. It continually updates the page every second to provide the latest updates on the changing spreads. On the other hand, if you need a more comprehensive list, open a demo or even a live account to see all the real-time spreads there.

Trading fees

Many traders don’t prefer to join new online brokers because they think the transaction and trading fees are higher. Well, that’s why EagleFX is different from the rest. No matter how many times you deposit money in your online wallet or withdraw from it, they don’t charge a penny from the client. They believe that traders should earn what they deserve.

However, there are trading fees. But, they will not burn a hole in your pocket as you expect. They charge two types of fees depending on what you trade.

  • Commission fees – they charge $6 per RT lot. This is comparatively less than most of the other online broker sites.
  • Swap fees – if you fail to close a trade on the same day, you may have to pay swap fees. It is applicable for all open trades overnight. However, the fees vary depending on the assets you trade. If you are not sure about the swap fees for a specific trade, you can get in touch with the customer service team.

There is no doubt that EagleFX is trying to make Forex trading easier for everyone. Whether you are an amateur or veteran, this broker website will help you with successful trades in most cases.

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