Hiring skilled workers from the EU after Brexit could come with extra charges


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A Home Office Minister has said, the government is currently considering a new £1,000 levy charge on businesses who hire skilled workers from the EU after Brexit.

Some have not welcomed the news. The European parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, tweeted: “Imagine, just for a moment, what the UK headlines would be, if the EU proposed this for UK nationals? Shocking.”

Freedom of movement rules could be a stumbling point on Brexit negotiations.

The government has said it’s looking to control the number of people coming into the UK, any post-Brexit immigration system is yet to be outlined.

At the moment, the scheme will apply an annual charge of £1,000 for every skilled worker a firm employs from outside the EU, from April.

A firm looking to hire someone on a four-year contract will face charges of £4,000.

Robert Goodwill told the Lords EU Home Affairs sub-committee: “That’s something that current applies to non-EU.”

“That may be something that’s been suggested to us that could apply to EU.”

“But we are not in a position to really speculate as to what the settlement will be post-Brexit negotiations.”