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Here's a BRILLIANT idea to minimise disruption during Tube strikes

by LLB Editor
5th Aug 15 11:09 am

Tube strikes bring misery – both for the strikers and London commuters.

But just how miserable does London get during Tube strikes? This stat by the BBC says at all – during last month’s Tube strikes, there were 827 miles (1,332km) of traffic jams in the city.

As Tube unions and Transport for London quarrel over pay offers, London Assembly member Richard Tracey has suggested a sensible solution to minimise disruption during Tube strikes.

He reckons Transport for London’s retired Tube workers, such as drivers, signallers and station staff, should be brought on to a make a “relief staff team” to provide service on the day of the Tube strike.

According to the Conservative member, Transport for London has retired 364 Tube drivers in the last five years. These workers can work on the day of the strike and be paid the wages which the striking staff would have received.

Tracey said: “The unions are actively blocking the night tube which would benefit millions of people. It’s Londoners who will yet again suffer on their way to work, and businesses will be hit to the tune of £300m a day.

“It’s time to establish a pool of relief staff, much like London Fire Brigade’s current strike contingency. This means we’ll always have a core service even on strike days, and it could be run by retired staff like the fire brigade. It’s an insurance policy for Londoners and the Mayor needs to make it happen.”

“The London fire brigade has a ‘contingency arrangement’. The external contractor covers all training, HR, transportation etc. and are paid an annual retainer. The Tube could follow this model.”

Can this solution work? Do you have a better solution? Leave your comments below…


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