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Helios Life Enterprises launches its second voice AI product, Mercury

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9th Aug 21 1:24 pm

The human voice is the best representation of a speaker’s truest nature. It is the first medium of communication that we use; the emblem of our emotions and personality. The slightest nuance in the human voice can denote a speaker’s deepest emotions, subconscious thoughts, and even momentary moods. With that, the human voice is perhaps the most powerful determinant of one’s true message, even if the words are not coming out of their mouth.

With incredible amounts of research on neurolinguistics and neuroscience combined with modern technology, voice analysis platforms have emerged and are continuing to prove extremely useful across countless fields, including finance, forensics, and healthcare, among many others. In this digital world, communication has become largely text-based, but there is no denying that verbal communication trumps text communication when it comes to finding out what a person is really thinking.

Helios Life Enterprises stands as the pioneer of audio tonal analysis and provides a next-generation voice API. With their dedicated research team, unique machine learning algorithms, and cutting-edge voice processing technology, Helios is able to offer platforms that allow a wide variety of industries to unlock the power of the human voice.

Launched in 2019, Helios’ first focus was on equity trading and emotional AI for investment professionals with its first product, Comprehend. But upon seeing the demand for this type of technology in industries other than finance, the Helios team knew they had more potential to unlock.

In 2020, Chief Executive Officer, Sean Austin, said “We want to make a huge impact and really change how markets can operate. If Helios has the fingerprint of 128 different core attributes of voice, and we have a database of information behind it, we can have the machine know hyper-specific characteristics of voice.”

Taking what they learned from Comprehend and taking it one step further, the Helios team created their second product, Mercury: a whole new channel for real-time voice processing, tonal analysis, and alpha generation. Mercury is a revolutionary platform for voice tonal analysis that serves individuals and firms beyond quant hedge funds; it aims to allow users to unlock the power of the human voice at scale, regardless of their industry, field, and goal.

According to Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gerwin Schalk, “When we launched Comprehend for hedge funds in 2019, we knew this was just the tip of the iceberg. With Mercury, now available, our data science and audio engineering team have unlocked massive potential for any financial platform that operates on audio. We’re seeing enormous possibilities when tonal analysis becomes incorporated into these models for quantitative, discretionary, corporate, and beyond.”

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