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Hard Brexit will near-bankrupt Britain, warns Branson

by Purvai Dua
14th Dec 18 10:29 am

Sir Richard Branson has issued a warning today that the UK will be left “near bankrupt” in the event of a hard Brexit.

He told the BBC he was “absolutely certain” that leaving the EU without a deal would lead to the closure of “quite a few British businesses”.

He further said that Theresa May had admitted that her version of Brexit was not as good as staying in the EU. “I think Theresa May needs to be 100% honest with the public. She’s admitted that a hard Brexit would be an absolute disaster for the British people.

“From our Virgin companies’ point of view, a hard Brexit would torpedo some of our companies,” he said, adding that Virgin Holidays would be hit as the pound would drop to parity and not many people would be able to afford to go abroad.

“If British business suffers, British people will suffer, and it’s really really important that people realise that,” he added.

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