Half of Britons are happy to be leaving the EU


These are the figures…

A Sky Data poll has found that half of Britons are happy to be leaving the Europe Union, a total of 36 per cent said they are unhappy about leaving.

The finding also suggested that voters are showing little Bregret when it comes to Brexit.

A total of 52 per cent voted to leave, whilst 48 per cent voted to remain.

A sky poll found that 42 per cent of respondents thought Brexit would be bad for the economy whereas, 36 per cent believed that leaving would be good for the economy.

Chris Hanretty, lecturer in politics at the University of East Anglia, told Sky News that there was little reason for anyone to feel any Bregret at this stage.

“There hasn’t been much evidence at all of Bregret or remorse or people changing their minds, just because, well, they haven’t seen much change – so far.”