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Haddock taken off sustainable seafood list

17th Mar 17 2:12 pm

Bad news for haddock lovers

Haddock from the North sea and the West of Scotland has been taken of the sustainable seafood list due to stocks being so low.

This type of fish is one of the popular ones that consumers love as it’s one of the “big five”, it sits alongside cod, tuna, salmon and prawns.

Haddock has now been removed from three fisheries from the Marine Conservation Society’s “green” list. This is due to stocks falling below the recommended rate last year.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has said more needs to be done to ensure the increase of the number of fish at breeding age.

Bernadette Clarke, the MCS Good Fish guide manager, said: “These ratings changes have come about because scientific perception of the stock has changed.”

“Compared to 2015, the stock numbers in 2016 were below the recommended level and at the point where action is now needed to increase the number of fish of breeding age.”


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