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Greece is offering free stays and slashed prices at wildfire hit resorts

by LLB staff reporter
3rd Aug 23 10:55 am

In the aftermath of the devastating fires that have swept through Greece and other European countries, the tourism industry has taken swift action by offering free stays and slashing prices at fire-hit resorts.

These sales have been launched with the aim of enticing consumers to explore new destinations and book holidays, even in the face of recent events. If these offers capture the attention of consumers, it’s anticipated that travel and tourism providers will experience a surge in website traffic on their sales pages.

Suhaib Zaheer, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Cloudways said, “Reducing friction during busy periods, such as summer holiday sales, is paramount to avoid inefficiencies in online transactions and customer experience.

“During peak times, when website traffic surges, customers still expect seamless browsing experiences and swift interactions.

“When a large variety of options are available in sales, consumers expect the website to support lengthy browsing as they compare options, as well as offering a quick and easy way to check out.  Any delays, glitches, or cumbersome processes can quickly lead to frustration. Investing in robust hosting infrastructure that scales during surges in users is crucial to optimising website performance.

“Simplifying the checkout process is also essential for eliminating friction. Multiple steps and excessive information requirements can hamper customers trying to complete their purchases-the more steps there are, the more opportunities there are for something to go awry.

“Streamlining the checkout flow, implementing guest checkout options, and enabling autofill features can significantly improve the speed of conversion during busy sales times.

“Additionally, ensuring seamless integration with various payment gateways and optimising for multiple digital touchpoints is crucial. Mobile commerce is on the rise, and a responsive, mobile-friendly website is essential for delivering a frictionless experience to users on smartphones and tablets.

“To stay ahead, it’s crucial to prioritise the elimination of inefficiencies and create an optimal online experience that keeps customers including potential holidaymakers engaged, satisfied, and loyal.”

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