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Getting the following signs from your car? Take it for a service

12th Feb 18 11:13 am

When you are on the road, driving your four-wheeler, your vehicle must be in a spick-and-span condition so as to prevent any kind of breakdown in the middle of the road. If you are just commuting to-and-fro from your home and office; then also if your four-wheeler breaks down, it is enough to leave you frustrated and entangled. Now you imagine what the condition will be if you are going for a vacation with your family and your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Hence it is very important to get your car serviced periodically and any kind of issues, however small or big they are, should not be left unfixed. Now the question is how to know when your car needs service or a little repair? Just like a printed circuit board has indicators that convey the users the need for service; your car also has certain ways of telling you to take it to a repair garage. The PCB visual indicators of serviceability are of great help and save users from the trouble of unwanted PCB shut down. Same way; being attentive to the following indicators given by your car can help you prevent an unwanted breakdown of your vehicle.

Engine warning light glowing on your dashboard

Almost all the cars which are manufactured nowadays come with certain visual indicators on their dashboard. You must have noticed a yellow “check engine” light glowing on your dashboard sometimes. This is an indicator, which mustn’t be ignored as it tells that your car’s engine has some problems and you should take your vehicle to the garage as soon as possible.

Smoke coming from under the bonnet

If you see white smoke coming out; it is generally due to overheating and problems with your radiator. You can stop the car for some time and let it cool off and immediately take it to the service guy as soon as possible after that.

However, if you see blue smoke coming out of your car, immediately stop the car at a safe place and let a tow van carry your vehicle to the service centre. Usually burning oils are behind the blue smoke.

Screeching sound coming when applying brakes

This is usually due to worn out brake discs or pads. It could also indicate a problem with your suspension. It is better not to ignore this and get your car to the mechanic immediately.

Metal rubbing on metal noise

This is usually a scraping noise and must be checked on an immediate basis. A part of your car must have broken and could be rubbing on another part.

Noise on changing gear

If you hear a grinding noise when you change the gear then it is a very good indicator that you have ignored your car service for long and now it is high time that you get the job done on an immediate basis before any unwanted incident happens. Apart from the above-mentioned warning signals; your car speaks to you in many other ways; so you must be attentive at all time and take your vehicle for service as and when it is needed.

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