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German MEP blasts the EU over ‘one crisis to the next’

8th Jul 20 4:12 pm

Manfred Weber MEP who is the leader of the largest party within the European Parliament blasted EU member states, saying they have lost their penchant for solidarity.

Weber exposed the key reason as to why the EU has been forced to endure various crisis over the last ten years.

The leading German MEP said, “The euro crisis, the migration crisis, the Brexit crisis, now the corona crisis.

“We are stumbling from one crisis to another, and why? Because all too often we are led by fear.

“Fear is the enemy of solidarity, fear is the enemy of the future, and fear is the enemy of our freedom.

“We need the courage to show solidarity, and the first important step is now the recovery fund. We need a resolution this month.”

He insisted that the bloc have to agree on a recovery fund to help their member states out of the coronavirus crisis.

Weber added, “We need courage in the future. We cannot spend the money we borrowed from our children in the past, we need to build the future.

“Courage to be fair that if you borrow money. you need to be honest about how you pay it back.

“Does anybody here seriously believe that you can pay back the debts to the European Union without digging into your own resources? I think no.

“That’s why we need a repayment plan before 2028 with, for example, a new digital tax. And the courage to be free.

“Europe is not a cash machine, Europe is a union of shared values. Rule of law must be respected.”

His comments come as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented their agenda to the European Parliament, and joined forces with the French President in proposing a £500bn recovery fund.

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