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Generations differ over perception of office tech quality

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
5th Jul 19 9:31 am

Whether or not you think your office features the latest cutting edge equipment depends on age, with younger employees more pessimistic, research shows.

A survey by power module manufacturer CMD found that most Generation Z employees consider their office to be outdated in some way, whereas many Generation X employees deem theirs to be ‘state of the art’.

Around a fifth of 18 to 24-year olds surveyed said their office was ‘way behind in both style and technology’ compared to just over a tenth of those aged 35 to 44-years old.

Bruce Cantrill, marketing manager at CMD said, “Younger generations have grown up with smart technology and place extremely high demands on it. They constantly update their own personal devices and expect the same in their place of work.

“In contrast, older generations expect less of technology due to their much gentler introduction to the digital world.”

Many businesses are investing in the latest technologies to attract young talent from graduates and millennials, albeit slowly. Indeed, 36% of 25-34 year olds surveyed said their office was a ‘combination of old and new technology’.

A separate report by Dropbox and Ipsos Mori reveals the frustrations faced by younger workers over outdated technology in the workplace.

The report highlights how younger workers experienced more problems when working across multiple devices and also found using technology at work more stressful than their older colleagues.

These findings are in direct contrast to perceptions highlighted in a British Medical Association report on ageing and the workplace that ‘older workers are reluctant to adapt to change and to new technologies’.

Cantrill said, “Creating an ‘age-neutral’ workplace is a challenge faced by many companies, as is ‘invisibly’ addressing age-related issues. Investing in smarter technology can benefit employees of all generations, for very different reasons.

“For example, on-desk power modules provide instant charging options for multiple devices, while providing accessible power for workers who are less inclined to crawl under desks to access an available socket. Likewise, wireless charging hubs and sit-stand desks enhance working conditions for all age groups.”

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