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From London to Europe on one tank of fuel

by LLB Reporter
17th Jan 20 5:03 am

New research from comparethemarket.com reveals the popular cars that can go the distance when it comes to driving without refuelling.

The research highlights the tank capacity and maximum travel distance for some of the most popular petrol and electric cars on the market, as well as the destinations you could reach without filling up your tank or charging your car.

Road trip

If you’re trying to get as far as possible without refuelling, you should consider your car carefully some models, like a Vauxhall Corsa and the popular Fiat 500 will only get you as far as Nantes in France when travelling from London.

When it comes to electric cars, the distance is even shorter, a Peugeot Ion will only take you 93 miles on a single charge, which could get you from London to Dover. A Volkswagen e-up! will also get you to Dover, while the e-Golf  will get you a little further to Béthune in France.

The top-performing hybrid cars on the other hand can take you a fair distance across Europe:

  1.  A Golf can drive as far as 1,094 miles before the tank needs topping up. That’s enough to get you to Madrid, although you might want to stop for a rest before then.
  2.  An Astra might not get you as far as a Golf, but at 676 miles on a full tank, it could travel all the way to Liechtenstein without needing a trip to a petrol station.
  3. The Audi A3’s 11-gallon tank will take you up to 616 miles, the distance between London and Geneva.
  4. The UK’s best-selling car, the Fiesta is a reliable option that gives an average of 64 miles to the gallon. On that and a full tank, you could travel up to 591 miles, or as far as Stuttgart in Germany.
  5. A Clio could drive the full distance to Wolfsburg in Germany before the tank ran out. That’s roughly 570 miles.  

Electric holidays

Although electric cars don’t have the same capacity as petrol-driven motors, there are some models that will still allow for a one-charge trip to Europe. The most efficient, a Tesla S 100D, can take you up to 393 miles, as far as Cologne in Germany.

A Renault Zoe R110 ZE 40 will get you to Brussels in Belgium, if you want it to – 250 miles.

Daniel Hutson, Product Owner, Car Insurance at comparethemarket.com said, “When planning a holiday, many factors can mean that using your car as your mode of transport makes a trip away a bit more economical. Equally, the increasing fuel capacity and battery life of some of the cars on our roads mean that it’s getting easier to travel that bit further. You wouldn’t typically expect to be able to get as far as the likes of Germany or Spain, but advancements in the motoring industry have made this possible.”

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