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Four reasons Brits love Las Vegas holidays

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15th Oct 19 2:53 pm

Las Vegas is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and no country generates more tourism to Sin City than Britain.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, since 2009 the U.K. has sent almost a quarter million U.K. visitors to Vegas annually.

It’s no wonder: Las Vegas is a playground of dizzying delights, from the glitzy casino architecture, world-class dining and gambling to the outdoor recreation and Las Vegas mansions that makeup the city outskirts, Las Vegas has something for every Brit to admire – at just the right price.

But why exactly do Brits love Vegas so much? We’ve compiled some of the top reasons Brits love Sin City. Take a peed below to see if any of these ring true with you.

1. Cultural similarities

Britains and Americans share a common language and a similar culture, so it’s no wonder Brits do not feel too out of place in Las Vegas.

Buoyed by a common, if noticeably different version of English, Brits get lots of American TV shows and it’s fun to see in-person some of the things Brits have seen on TV.

2. British pound goes further in Las Vegas

Plain and simple, the British pound goes farhter in Vegas, making Las Vegas vacation a cheaper trip than many other destinations, such as Australia.

British money goes further here in Las Vegas than not only because of exchange rates, but also the overall lower cost of living in America.

3. Sheer density and number of attractions

Las Vegas has a high concentration of attractions such as dining, bars, shows and other tourist sites in an especially small area, so it can be experienced in a relatively short visit.

That means Las Vegas gives British visitors the opportunity of adding Las Vegas on to a longer holiday that includes places like the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yellowstone and more.

Compare this to vther vacation destinations for Brits which often come with all-inclusive packages. Vacations in places like Greece can often feel claustrophobic after 2 weeks in a hotel.

4. Weather, especially sunshine

Britain is known to be especially cloudy and the sun is a real treat – when it’s out of course.

Because of this, Las Vegas offers Brits a sunny, dry escape from their overcast weather to frolic around the city’s playground.

It’s not just the sunshine Las Vegas weather offers, but its predictability as well.

British weather is notoriously unpredictable and varied. In Britain, it’s a common refrain to say “If you don’t like the weather one day, there’s always a good chance you might like it the next.”

Compare this to Las Vegas, which is is known for its dry, predictable and sunny climate.

Ready for your Vegas vacation?

The British love Las Vegas for its sunny multitude of luxurious, world-class attractions in a not-to-alien environment. Paired with the world-class entertainment, food and nightlife at just the right price, it’s easy to see why the British love Las Vegas.

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