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Four forms of business writing and seven tips on how to accomplish them

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9th Jan 19 4:31 pm

Today, business documents are an integral part of business communication. They come in handy when passing information to associates, motivating employees to work hard or luring customers to purchase more. The survival of any business is anchored on the state of communication. Keeping that in mind, it is vital to make use of the appropriate protocol and churn out the best business documents to pass information efficiently on page or more. Thus, you can either write them on your own for hours or hire a freelancer in the last minute to help out through fast essay writing service.

Now, you are offered to read the article from the perspective of a person who is in need of writing an urgent business report or plan. Be sure you’ll be able to do it fast (for an hour instead of hours) immediately after you read this article to the end.

Four forms of business writing

1.   Informational business writing

These forms of business writing preserve business endeavors accurately taking note of the progress of any organization. Generally, they are meant to keep a record and for reference purposes. Examples are listed below:

  • Report,
  • Minutes,
  • Financials,
  • Meeting summaries,
  • Customer service documents, etc.

2.  Instructional business writing

Instructional business documents provide clear step-by-step guidance on how tasks should be conducted taking the reader’s skills into account:

  • Memos
  • Specifications,
  • User manuals, etc.

3.   Transactional business writing

Transactional documents are used to conduct general business operations such as conveying the news to facilitate proper action by human resources:

  • Emails,
  • Invoices,
  • Official letters, etc.

4.   Persuasive business writing

As the name suggests, persuasive business writing is designed to convince people into believing or doing something that is beneficial for business:

  • Press releases,
  • Sales emails,
  • Proposals,
  • Business plans,
  • Ads,
  • Speeches, etc.

Seven tips on writing business documents

  1. Keep it short and clear. A short and clear document is more likely to drive your point home. Nonetheless, people are more inclined to read shorter documents as opposed to lengthy documents. Therefore, use short paragraphs and shorter sentences to make your documents appealing.
  2. Know the ultimate goal of the message. The most important attribute for writing business documents is to know the ultimate goal that you intend to achieve. There are different types of business documents meant to convey varied messages. This could be convincing, directing or ordering for a particular action.
  3. Avoid using clichés and buzzwords. Clichés and buzzwords are those common words used by everyone else. By incorporating such words, your message will not depict the seriousness that you really intend to bring out. Simply think out of the box and utilize fresher metaphors.
  4. Know your audience. Similarly, it is great to know the people that your message is meant for. The way you write to your colleagues is different compared to the manner in which you would write for the customers or clients. Try to use simple terms or define any abbreviations or technical terms.
  5. Do not use abbreviations and symbols. Rather than subjecting your audience through the hustle of unraveling the meaning of the abbreviations or symbols that you use, it would be wise to avoid them totally. As much as they might ease your writing process, they make it hard for targeted readers to comprehend the message. If you have to use them, then at least do the courtesy of explaining the meaning.
  6. Edit. Ensure that your documents are as professionally-written as possible. This is achieved by making sure that it is flawless both grammatically and structurally. You can proofread or edit so as to send a perfect copy. Another option would be to utilize fast essay writing services that are usually available 24 hours a day. Some of them are quite reliable with a reputation for the quick delivery of the best business documents.
  7. Save up a template. Most business documents are recurrent. It means that you will create them occasionally. Rather than doing the documents over again, it would be great if you saved up a template. This way, your format will be consistent and you will save up a lot of time too.

It goes without saying that communicating effectively within a business provides the basis of successful running a business. Regardless of the document being written, ensure that the message is short, clear and directed towards the right audience. Expect instant success in writing!

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