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Putin tells Russians the West is waging a ‘real war is wage against us’ and are ‘encouraging Russophobia’

by LLB political Reporter
9th May 23 12:26 pm

To mark Victory Day Vladimir Putin has delivered a speech in Moscow’s Red Square to honour their “father’s grandfathers” who “fought for the motherland.”

Putin told a crowd at the Red Square “Through sacrifice and heroic acts they saved the world from Nazism. And today the world is on the cards again.

“Today we have a real war waged against us.”

Putin claimed that Russia is defending itself against “international terrorism” and they have no enemies “to the west or to the east.”

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He added in his bizarre speech, “We want to see our future peaceful and stable” and then said “any ideology of supremacy is not acceptable” to Moscow.

Western elites were accused of “provoking conflicts…encouraging Russophobia and nationalism.”

Putin told Russians at the Victory Day parade that the West have “forgotten who destroyed that evil, who defended their motherland, who liberated the people of Europe.”

The Russian leader accused the West of “creating a real cult of Nazism.

“They were trying to cancel the results of the Second World War and destabilise the system of international security and international law.”

Following a minute’s silence in the Red Square, Putin said, “We are following in the footsteps of our ancestors.

“We are proud of the participants of the special military operation, those who are fighting on the frontline and who are saving the wounded.”

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