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Five ways you can speed up your keyword mapping

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20th Oct 22 11:19 am

Keyword mapping is a critical first step when it comes to SEO and makes a big difference to how your site ranks in search engine results. Effective keyword mapping can increase customer numbers, improve your site’s authority, and enhance your overall presence online. Therefore, it’s fair to say that keyword mapping is a big deal. Here are five ways you can speed up your keyword mapping to ensure your website is as healthy as possible

Perform keyword mapping in batches

Performing 50-100 exercises at a time will improve the quality of your keywords or tags, as opposed to slogging your way through an entire website in one sitting. Begin by looking through the most important pages on a site and start your keyword research from there. You can begin with the meta descriptions and title tags for these pages before working your way to the other parts of your site. When you send them to your clients for review, you can return to your mapping and get started with other sections of the site.

Use your client’s preferred terminology

From time to time, you will onboard a client that is involved in a line of business that you’re not familiar with. When you’re conducting keyword research for a client like this, it helps to have their site open in front of you, so you can easily pick out some of their preferred terms. This saves you from needing an industry-level understanding of their work to produce good results, which will really help when settling on the tone of voice for their title tags and meta descriptions.

Don’t strive for perfection

This might seem like a strange thing to say, but keyword mapping isn’t something that you can perfect. While you should aim for three keywords in each tag, it’s not always possible, and you should know when to call it quits. Therefore, you need to approach the task with the knowledge that you might need to call it quits earlier than you might have liked. Spending too much time on keyword mapping takes your time away from other SEO tasks that can help your client’s website in different ways.

Develop a formula for writing keywords

It really helps to develop a formula for writing your title tags and meta descriptions, and doing so will make the entire process of keyword mapping much easier. For instance, the vast majority of titles that you will find on Google follow a formula like this:

Keyword-optimised title | Company name

When it comes to meta descriptions, you should always end with a call to action to get the user from the search engine to your page. Make sure the CTAs are on brand and relevant to the industry or niche that your client is involved in.

Essential endpoints

Keyword mapping is a skill that requires time to get right, but there are some rules that everyone can abide by:

  • Title tags should be between 50 and 60 characters.
  • Meta descriptions should be between 140 and 160 characters.
  • Keyword mapping should be reviewed and updated every 3-4 months

The bottom line is that keyword mapping is an integral task, and the five simple steps introduced above will help you get started. Terrier specialises in SEO strategy and can help your business with keyword mapping and a range of other tasks to help your company improve its online presence.

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