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Five ways to share your marketing knowledge and gain customers

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5th Jan 21 4:02 pm

Marketing is an essential part of properly running your business and doing so most effectively and efficiently. The right marketing is crucial to achieve the desired results that you oversee for your business and build a successful brand image that will allow you to expand your current customer base and even enter new markets.

In baking, there are numerous types of flour, and to end up with the specific cake that you want, you need to know which flour to use for that particular purpose. The same idea goes for marketing; for it to be successful, you need to know which marketing strategy to implement for the specific product or service you want to sell. Luckily, the most refined recipes don’t always have to be stored in secrecy.

In fact, you can use the inner knowledge you possess to expand your business even further. There are always people looking to learn and gain understanding from experienced professionals, so what better way than to share it and broaden your customer base while doing so! Here’s how you can do just that and gain new customers:


Podcasts are the newest phenomenon in the education world; they have been around for a while already, but only recently have they gained the notoriety they deserve. They’re easily accessible through various streaming platforms and can be listened to virtually anywhere – from a simple Uber ride to a hairdresser appointment.

More and more people are downloading podcasts and educating themselves on various topics while doing basic everyday tasks, so maybe it’s time for you to learn how to create a podcast and gain a portion of the market audience!

Master Classes

There is the notoriety of different masterclasses now available on the market, with professionals teaching others on how to succeed in various business aspects, or simply, how to learn new desired skills. Opting to conduct classes is a perfect way to convey the marketing knowledge you possess and teach it to others. It doesn’t even have to be in person, but you can construct them to be virtual lessons that can be watched repeatedly.

So maybe the way to go for you is to conduct marketing classes, sharing your knowledge, and allowing you to gain customers while doing so, with people being interested in the system you operate in, thus opting to work with you.


The right advertising formats are the key to making the customer base aware of your business’s products or services. Having a great product is not enough if the customers don’t know about it; that’s why you should make sure you’re using adequate marketing strategies to attract the target audience.

Those strategies can be implemented in various ways, such as email marketing or even leaflet distribution; either way, it combines a great marketing strategy with the ability for your business to gain a newly expanded client base.

Better visibility of your brand

For customers to be able to learn about you, they need to be able to find you. This goes without saying, but for your product to even be considered by someone, it needs to be out there for someone even to consider it. Better brand visibility is the key to success, and increasing your brand’s visibility can be a marketing strategy that will surely get your company noticed.

It’s also a great idea to translate your website to a neighbouring nation’s language and invest in Google Ads in that country. Just keep in mind that free online language converters like Google Translate aren’t the best. If you want your website to be translated properly, consider reaching out to professional translation agencies, such as Lighthouse Online, or hire a freelance translator in your city.

You can build specific websites with some essential learning tools to educate others about what is considered by you the most vital points of marketing. By implementing

better visibility to your website, you’re not only increasing the potential traffic accessible to your specific website, but you can also charge for educational tools that people may want to learn from.

Promote your business on social media

In today’s virtual world, practically everyone uses some social media or other internet communication platforms. Promoting your business on social media can drastically increase your customer base. With the average Facebook user having 338 friends, think about the number of people, your business will see if only one person reposts your business-related content. It not only makes for a free source of marketing but also drastically increases the visibility of your business and the sense of your offering being trustworthy if recommended by someone’s friend.

There isn’t a more straightforward and efficient way of growing your business platform than having your customers and friends promoting it for you – so why not give it a go? It’s free, after all.


Don’t leave all that marketing knowledge that you have to yourself, but share it in a way that will expand your customer base along the way. With various available options nowadays, you can convey the knowledge you have simultaneously with advertising your brand. This will allow you to not only implement your marketing knowledge to teach others, but the ability to do so in a way that gets your brand’s name across allows for your brand to expand without you having to waste that extra money on advertising and marketing, but doing it yourself!

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