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Five tactics to help you buy property at the best price possible

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14th Dec 18 10:01 am

Purchasing a property is among the best investment options currently available. It is therefore very important to conduct adequate research before buying a property. Having the relevant information is necessary since negotiation, which is the most important process, largely depends on that.

The 5 most crucial things to know

1.      The trending market price

It is important for any potential investor to find out what are the properties in a certain area of interest cost. Go through the property list available, comparing the cost of properties of similar sizes.

You can also check the sales trends online. The internet may provide you with the information on how the properties have sold previously as well provide an estimate valuation. These will enable you to estimate and come up with a fair value of the property. This calculator will help you calculate the value of a house.

2.      Avoid making the first offer

One should try to get out a price from the estate agent first to know what he is willing to settle for. The custom of negotiations is that the first person to name a price loses.

To maintain the lead, you ought to practice patience by making the property seller wait on you for a while. An enthusiast seller will make the estate agent follow up hence will be the first to name a price trying to lure you into a sale.

3.      Cash offers

Cash offers are usually much more attractive compared to the other forms of payments, mostly if the pressure to get a sale done is high. The advantage of cash deals is they attract much lower prices. A cash deal also means less time in signing deal transfer of the property since unlike in mortgage there is no loan approval process.

4.      Be flexible

Many people are not flexible about issues such as deposit, occupational date and any condition that may arise, which causes most deals to fall off. For example, if the seller requests to stay on the premise until they have completed the purchase of another one, be flexible about the situation. Avoid making the mistake of assuming that negotiation is only about money.

5.      Be aggressive in making the offer

Once you have found a dedicated seller, it is necessary to let them know your sincere intent of purchasing that specific property. Let them know that you are offering a fair price and be specific about the offer price. The act of being specific instead of giving an arbitrary number has an effect of showing the seller you have thought about the matter and you are serious about buying.


The process of finding a suitable property to invest could be the biggest and most risky transaction you may undertake when you do not have the necessary information. These tips will come in handy by giving you a head start, however it is crucial for one to take time and properly prepare for the negotiations with the real estate agent or seller. Click here for more tips and to get to know more about this.

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