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Five reasons Wholee Prime’s size issue pledge offers Londoners a zero worry online shopping experience this summer

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7th Jun 21 5:22 pm

Wholee Prime explain how they’re living up to their pledge to offer their members a zero worry shopping experience by delivering standardised sizing across their platform and ensuring every step of the ordering process is stress free.

We all know the feeling. You order a jumper or a pair of jeans only to find that the size you thought should fit you ends up being too big or too small. Sadly, the issue is commonplace in online shopping.

But, all of this is about to change. A new player in online retail, Wholee Prime, has pledged to make it their mission to shake up the online shopping experience by offering their members a zero worry shopping experience. A central part of this is to stamp out the inconsistent sizing issue once and for all.

Here we set out five reasons why Wholee Prime offers you the consumer a zero worry experience.

1. Size standardisation – Large online retailers like Amazon and eBay, as well as many big-name high-street retailers, are happy for the clothes they sell to be inconsistent in their sizing even among the same brands. In fact, research has shown that in 2019, 34 per cent of all returns to Amazon were due to size issues, and even higher for other non-Amazon merchants at 46 per cent.

To take one example, a size ‘small’ Hugo Boss t-shirt sold on Amazon has a chest size of 37.4 inches while a Calvin Klein size ‘small’ for the same product has a chest size of 39.37 inches. Why can’t they just be the same?

Vanity sizing has also become an issue. Some brands have sought to revise sizes downwards to make customers feel better about the product they’re buying, taking advantage of consumer body image aspirations.

Recognising the challenge Wholee Prime’s pioneered the introduction of standardised sizing across their platform. This means if you order a size ‘small’ and it fits you well all your future purchases will automatically will be of same size without you digging into the size chart repeatedly for new orders.  It will be the same size no matter which third-party manufacturer the item’s made by. No more hassle with the tape measure checking your chest measurement. No more chancing your luck in the online fashion equivalent of the lucky dip. And most importantly no more having to return your item because the size that’s meant to fit you doesn’t.

2. Clear international labelling –Wholee’s also recognised the challenges faced by bringing sellers from all over the world onto one platform. For example, a pair of shoes sized six in the US are equivalent to size 5.5 in the UK and 39 in the EU. Given these sizing variations, they’ve made sure consumers are aware of product size variations by labelling items clearly. By making customers aware of these differences and clearly labelling them Wholee save their members from the anxiety of international sizing differences.

3. No fuss returns – Despite the best will in the world, we all make mistakes. To account for this Wholee’s made their members a promise: that if you order the wrong size, no matter whose mistake it is, they’ll always send you the right size free of charge. It’s that simple. No charges. No drawn-out calls with customer services and no travelling to obscure parcel drop-off locations to print off labels. Simply take a photo verifying the size issue and Wholee will do the rest.

And, unlike Amazon or eBay, with Wholee you won’t have to pay to return the item or pay an additional fee if your replacement item costs more than the original.

4. Fuss free customer support –To save their members the hassle of spending endless hours on the phone to customer support arranging the return of items, Wholee Prime have devised a slick in app customer support function. The in-app service allows customers to seamlessly connect with a Wholee customer support representative who will resolve any issues they may have quickly and easily. What more could you ask for?

5. Optimised order tracking – Lastly, to give members piece of mind once they’ve ordered their items Wholee have constructed a simple, easy to understand and reliable in-app order tracking service so you can be rest assured your orders safely on its way every step of the way.

Together, these five factors combine to give members the Wholee Prime zero worry guarantee. So why not try the Wholee app today and experience the Wholee Prime zero worry experience for yourself!

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