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Five quick tweaks to scale your law firm’s digital marketing campaign

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Aug 18 5:45 pm

Marketing online does not start or end with just your official website. You need to generate traffic, show up to the right audience as well as nature a community of people who trust and follow your law firm.

So, if you have just gone through the UK company formation process, and you are ready to start, or you already have an established law firm but can’t seem to get any good results in your digital marketing campaign, here are five quick tweaks you can incorporate into your law firm marketing plan for the best results:

Set the right budget

How much should you set aside for your digital marketing campaign? At least commit 2.5% of your gross revenue on your law firm marketing strategy. This amount is sufficient to generate new business leads through different channels online including social media, content marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) and so on. You can also use a part of this investment in hiring a digital marketer who will deliver results in a timely fashion. If you are a firm in Minnesota for example, you can hire out one of the well-recognized law firm marketing Minnesota specialists for digital ads.  Bottom line, if you are not spending at least 2.5% of your gross income, then you are just not serious about your marketing campaign.

Make use of video marketing technique

Video marketing is one of the proven methods for the rapid growth of any brand. People love watching and sharing videos online, and this are two critical factors that will help to push your brand by letting people know who you are, what services you provide and how you can help them. At the time of writing this, You-tube the world’s popular video-sharing website is the 2nd most visited site with an average of over 1billion visitors a month – this fact alone shows how important video is to appeal to the right audience.

Cultivate a loyal audience from your blogs and social media pages

To open new files and take on new cases, you have to have a trusted following. There are no better ways of getting people to get to know you better and confidence in your services than through your blogs and social media posts. When using these tools in your law firm marketing campaign, you have to consider your audience; this means that you should not place too much focus on your company or use legal jargons in your content but instead use comprehensive yet straightforward communication and let your audience know what you can do to help them.

Email marketing

Emails are the best way to get back at potential leads, follow up on interested clients or informing your audience about any new services, tips or special offers.

Hire a digital marketer

If you are disappointed with your results or don’t have the time to push for digital ads, then the best way to save time and money is by hiring a digital marketer. Digital marketers are specialized in PPC, SEO, web design, and integrated internet marketing. They also provide measurable results so you can see your progress.

Digital marketing may take some time to prove a good return-on-investment. But, once your company websites start ranking and your online engagement boosts, you will see fantastic results long term.

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