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Five business ideas for students in the UK to start while studying

by Sarah Dunsby
16th Feb 24 5:29 pm

In the dynamic and competitive environment of the UK, students are increasingly looking for ways to gain practical business experience while pursuing their studies. Starting a business not only offers financial benefits but also provides invaluable skills and experiences. Here are five innovative business ideas that students in the UK can start while studying, each tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of the student lifestyle.

1. Customised study guides and course summaries

With the diverse courses offered across UK universities, customised study guides and course summaries represent a niche yet highly demanded service. Students excelling in their studies can create tailored revision materials, including summaries, flashcards, and practice questions for specific courses or modules. Marketing these materials through online platforms, social media, or directly within university networks can tap into a student base looking for additional study aids. This business not only capitalises on academic strengths but also supports the academic success of peers, creating a win-win scenario.

2. Digital content creation

The digital realm offers vast opportunities for creative students to monetise their skills. Starting a business in digital content creation – ranging from blogging, vlogging, and podcasting to graphic design and photography – allows students to explore their passions while reaching a global audience. Learners can also offer educational services online, fort emole allowing peers to get the best dissertation services in the UK. Thus, they can share their expertise and get a footing as an education content creator. Utilising social media for promotion and engaging with followers can create a loyal customer base. This business idea has the potential for significant income through advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise and offers a platform for personal expression and building a professional portfolio.

3. On-demand tutoring services

The demand for tutoring in the UK extends beyond school subjects, including language learning, musical instruments, and even software training. Students can offer on-demand tutoring services in their area of expertise, leveraging online platforms to connect with potential clients. Whether through one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or online courses, this flexible business model allows students to work around their academic schedules. By providing personalised learning experiences, students can build a reputation for quality tutoring, fostering a sustainable business and contributing positively to the educational journey of others.

4. Eco-friendly daily essentials

Sustainability is a growing concern among UK students, who are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Launching a business focused on eco-friendly daily essentials – such as reusable coffee cups, water bottles, tote bags, and biodegradable stationery – can meet this demand. Partnering with local producers for sourcing and emphasising a zero-waste approach in packaging and operations can enhance the appeal. This business idea addresses a market need and aligns with the values of environmental stewardship, making it both profitable and purposeful.

5. Mobile food and beverage services

The UK’s food and beverage industry presents an opportunity for entrepreneurial students to start mobile services catering to university events, local markets, and festivals. From coffee carts and smoothie bars to gourmet sandwiches and international cuisines, students can bring innovative dining experiences directly to their clientele. Emphasizing quality, convenience, and unique offerings can differentiate the business in a competitive market. This venture requires more upfront investment and commitment but offers valuable lessons in operations, marketing, and customer service, with the potential for substantial returns.


For students in the UK looking to embark on entrepreneurial ventures while studying, the key is to find a balance between academic commitments and business activities. The ideas outlined above – from customized study aids to eco-friendly products, tutoring services, digital content creation, and mobile food services – provide a starting point for students to leverage their skills, interests, and unique market opportunities in the UK. With creativity, dedication, and strategic planning, student entrepreneurs can support their financial goals and gain invaluable experience and skills for their future careers.

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