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Fears grow of coup in Russia and thousands of Chechen fighters have been sent to Moscow as the rebellion is gathering pace

13th Sep 22 1:15 pm

There are strong fears there could be a coup under way against Vladimir Putin and thousands of Chechen fighters have been reportedly sent to Moscow.

According to the Kavkaz Center perhaps three to seven thousand Chechen fighters have been sent to help bolster the National Guard.

The National Guard (Rosgvardia) was created in 2016 to fight terrorism and are an internal military unit who reports directly to Putin.

Councillors from the Smolensky district have called on Putin and publicly written that the Russian President stands accused of “high treason.”

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The rebellion in Moscow is gathering pace as local government officials in in the capital have written to Putin telling him to “resign from his post.”

Domestic discontent has been brewing across Russia for many months over the war in Ukraine and Putin has been accused of sending the “country back into the Cold War era.”

The former bodyguard of Viktor Zolotov heads up the Rosgvardia which is also known as Putin’s “private army” which has been used over the past six months to violently suppress anti-Putin demonstrations and to arrest those who call the special military operation a war.

The news site Kavkaz Center tweeted, “Interesting info from Chechnya.

“KC sources report that a large batch of armed #Kadyrovtsy has been transferred to #МMoscow .

“The numbers vary from 3 to 7 thousand. Allegedly at the command of Zolotov.

“There is no official data, but this information is widely disseminated among the population.”

The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is a staunch Putin supporter said in an audio post to his Telegram channel, “They have made mistakes and I think they will draw the necessary conclusions.

“If today or tomorrow no changes in strategy are made, I will be forced to speak with the leadership of the Defence Ministry and the leadership of the country to explain the real situation on the ground to them.

“It’s a very interesting situation. It’s astounding, I would say.”

Kadyrov has recently criticised commanders over their failures in Ukraine as Ukrainian forces have recaptured Khariv Oblast, Izyum and many other regions.

Putin has and is facing more criticism from many ordinary Russians across the country and are divided.

A group of Russian government officials are trying oust Putin after tens of thousands of troops have been killed in action or wounded.

The Russian economic situation is dire and could take more than a decade to recover and government officials are now appealing directly to the State Duma (Parliament) and have publicly written he is accused of “high treason.”

Nikita Yuferev, an official from the Council of the Smolninskoye Municipal District, said of the Russian President, “We have listed the reasons why we believe that this is high treason.”

The government official continued, “His decision to start the Special Military Operation led to 1) deaths of the Russian servicemen, 2) problems in the Russian economy, 3) the expansion of NATO (the border with NATO has doubled!”

Dmitry Palyuga, one of the councillors from the Smolensky district, said he and his co-councillors had received a lot of support from the public for their actions.

He said, “After being called to the police, they ask me if I regretted that we made a decision about treason.

“And I am glad that we took that decision, and I am proud of every deputy!

“I received a bunch of messages from strangers with words of support. People found me on VK (Russian FB) and Instagram for this. There are a lot of us!”

Far-right Russian nationalist blogger Igor Girkin said in a video address to his 430,000 followers on Telegram on Monday, “We have already lost, the rest is just a matter of time.”

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