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Fastest growing online industries in Croatia for 2022

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Apr 22 11:36 am

About two decades ago, if you tried talking about serious business on the Internet with someone, you’d probably be scoffed at. Today, the same attitude of dismissal is given. But this time, it’s because nobody’s even surprised at the idea anymore. Like other Eastern European countries, Croatia was slow to respond to trends, but that has changed over the years. Integration with European Union has most definitely helped with this problem, and now we see a strong online industry growth in this country. These are the fastest growing online industries in Croatia for this year.

Online gaming industry

The gaming industry is an extremely dynamic and flexible term. The industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years with new technologies like VR being pushed into the mainstream. The gaming industry is currently worth billions of dollars and is estimated to grow even beyond original projections. The Croatian gaming industry is estimated to be worth around $30 million. This is a relatively small figure when compared to other European countries. However, there is tremendous potential for growth in the industry due to Croatia’s strategic location and growing economy. The success of foreign casino online brands such as Rizk are proving Croatia is an interesting playing ground and lucrative opportunity for all aspects of the gaming industry.

E-commerce and e-commerce solutions

The proliferation of e-commerce industries in Croatia follows the development of more efficient interfacing technologies that can streamline online interactions with potential customers. E-Commerce solution companies like payment gateway provider Monri have seen rapid growth. Another area of focus for Croatian companies are chatbots. Previously, they were simply considered a technological curiosity, which evolved into a natural language UI for mobile devices. Today, chatbots are being integrated into almost any website or online platform, and it’s most commonly used as a first-level support tool for visiting users.

Online commodity delivery

Online deliveries remain one of the most lucrative online industries to date that is still enjoying an exponential boom in growth. But, perhaps in part, thanks to the global pandemic of 2020, people started to rely more and more on delivered goods, that every single company offering it, no matter how small, suddenly became relevant and booming. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a dedicated online delivery service or simply a separate part of a local food shop offering online catering. Every internet-accessible service is suddenly helpful if you can’t even get out in the first place anyway. It’s not just Amazon anymore, folks.

Platform as a service

PaaS is hardly a new concept for the last decade, and as far as established online ideas go, it has undoubtedly become one of the most stable. But with bigger and better internet technologies today, businesses offering these services are starting to evolve even faster. Of course, you have the standard options like Microsoft Azure and AWS Lambda, which have existed forever (or at least since most online platforms became common). But even smaller players that simply focus on workflow optimization like CircleCI are getting the productivity spotlight right now.

Data management and analytics

On paper, such an industry may sound like boring information-driven companies that help filter and analyze data for clients. For the most part, that’s the case. But it also helps to immediately realize just how important such a service is for modern online industries and is ironically one of the biggest growing online industries even in 2022. Data Management and Analytics in Croatia is still in their infancy. Despite this, several developing companies provide services in this area.

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