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Famadesa’s pork meat exports rise again

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11th Apr 21 5:11 pm
Famadesa is a family company from Malaga, with an international vocation and projection, with almost 50 years of experience. A benchmark in the Spanish and international meat sector, it supplies customers all over the world and is renowned for its expertise and quality.In 2010, it began to market in China, which meant a change of concept in the way of understanding the company. From that moment until today, international trade has become one of the pillars of the company, taking care with care and professionalism the commercial relations in more than 20 countries.The quality you need. Value chain.

Control over all the links in the production chain (reception, slaughter, cutting, packaging, dispatch and transport) guarantees the highest quality of all its products. The origin of its success as an international frozen pork meat supplier lies in the exhaustive control of the production process it develops. An element of uniqueness that makes it different from any other company in the sector.

Famadesa (ES-10.10797-MA) has the latest technology at all stages of production, to keep the meat in optimum conditions until it is delivered to its customers’ facilities anywhere in the world. Its freezing systems, with a capacity of 4M kilos and its fleet of more than 120 trucks, guarantee on-time delivery anywhere in the world.

Its productivity exceeds more than 1,350,000 slaughterings per year, with almost 500,000 pigs of its own production and around 6 tonnes of sausages and 300,000 pieces of cured ham. Currently, this company from the South of Spain has consolidated itself as an international company.

In fact, 2019 was already a good year for its international transactions, registering a total of 1482 operations, mainly with China and Europe, which together with the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico are the main countries of its foreign market.

Growth of 7.4% in sales and 26% in exports.

Famadesa obtained sales of 303 M€ in 2020, with a growth of 7.4% over the 282 M€ obtained in 2019, with an average workforce of 1,000 workers. Some €185m came from pork exports, following a 26% increase, with China and Portugal as the main destinations. The company’s meat production amounted to 110,095 t (+3.8%), 58% of which went to foreign trade, and the rest to the domestic market (15% to the meat industry, 15% to modern distribution and 12% to the traditional channel).

In addition, it produced 437 t of fresh processed products (+7.7%) and 6,068 t of cooked and cured products (-15%), including 1,230 t of cured ham (+2.5%).

Advances in R&D&I and Biodiversity.

For months now, Famadesa has been developing the expansion and technological improvement of its R&D industry, thanks to a grant from the European Union and its own resources, which has allowed it to undertake an important project for a new cutting room, as well as new pens and an automated driving system, focused precisely on setting up slaughtering and product preparation lines, aimed at meeting the demands of the foreign market.

At the same time, advocating the implementation of actions aligned with Biodiversity for years has allowed it to respond quickly to the new demands caused by the current global pandemic, Covid19, reinforcing safety measures and protocols. The meat sector in general in Spain was very advanced in terms of sanitary measures, due to the strict and permanent quality controls to which it is subjected.

During the lockdown, Famadesa has maintained its production at a good pace, thanks to foreign trade, especially with China, even improving the level of sales with the Asian giant by more than 100% the level of sales with the Asian giant, compared to last year, in the first 7 months of the year.

Famadesa is, as we can see, an international reference in terms of quality and food safety, the environment and animal welfare, with an unquestionable commitment to internationalisation as an agent and economic driving force in its development.

Its leader, the businessman Federico Beltrán Galindo, has managed to transmit to his more than 1000 workers, fundamental values such as humility, perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work, as catalysts for success, to convert what was once a small slaughterhouse in a neighbourhood in Campanillas, Malaga, into the large international company that it is today, without losing its roots.

Visit www.famadesa.es or contact them for further information.

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