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Factors to consider before buying cleaners for inground and above ground pools

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30th Mar 19 11:49 am

After a tiresome and stressful day, there is no better place to relax than a swimming pool. Swimming can be fun only if you are performing the task in a clean pool, a dirty swimming pool can be a big turn off to any swimmer and can also cause health hazards. Regular cleaning using the best cleaners for inground and above ground pools is necessary to ensure that the swimmers enjoy swimming and prevent any health hazards. Choosing the right swimming pool cleaner is a bit of a challenging task, you need to conduct thorough research both online and asking information from friends before choosing which pool cleaner you will buy. Since your pool is a valued addition to your home, professional sources like Rex Garden Maintenance should be the ones to guide you through the process.

Here are some of the considerations to make before buying your next pool cleaner

Pool size

The size of the pool really matters when choosing the best type of pool cleaner. When dealing with big pools you need an effective and a pool cleaner with a large dirt chamber as it will have to collect lots of dirt while cleaning the swimming pool. On the other hand, you do not need a large and very expensive swimming pool cleaner. Depending on how small the swimming pool is you can opt for robotic or even manual pool cleaners.

Type of the swimming pool

There are two types of swimming pools. The inground swimming pool which is the type of swimming pool created by digging some part of the earth and constructing the swimming pool. Above ground is the second type of swimming pool, as the name suggests, it is above the ground and in most cases, it is not big and easily portable from one location to another. The type of pool cleaner for these two types of swimming cleaners is not the same. Therefore you should research before choosing the right type.

Pool surface

Different pools have different surfaces, some have a rough surface, tiled surface, and the list is endless. Therefore when choosing the right cleaners for inground and above ground pools, you should check the type of surface your pools has and select the cleaner which can effectively clean the pool without it being damaged.

Cord/Horse length

The depth of the swimming pool will determine the length of the pool cleaner you will have to buy. It is hard to buy a pool cleaner with a small horse yet you want to clean a very deep swimming pool. If you do not like the manual pool cleaner you can also choose the robotic pool cleaner.


When buying the swimming pool cleaner, you have to check how long the warranty lasts. Each and every electrical machine is prone to spoiling any time after buying, therefore if you buy a pool cleaner and spoiling a short time after buying might be a big loss to you. It is therefore advisable to check the warranty period before buying your next pool cleaner

The above tips might be really helpful the next time you are in a store and you are not sure which cleaners for inground and above ground pools to buy. You can go an extra step and maybe ask the seller more about different types of pool cleaners.

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