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Exploring Old Dubai with brand new cars: What to see

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Apr 24 4:15 pm

The Old City of Dubai is a place of culture and traditions and foreigners visit it more often than you might think. Despite the poorer infrastructure, you will find lots of entertainment for all ages here and despite the fact that this part of the city is poorer, it does not look like this because of the abundance of expensive and beautiful cars here. Why is this happening? These are all tourists who come here every day to get to know the origins of Dubai and rent at Renty.ae according to their taste and comfort level. So now let’s figure out what’s interesting in that part of the city and should you rent a car to go there as well.

A bit of history

Did you know that it was only in 1959 that Dubai began to turn into a major shopping center? At that time, Sheikh Rashid was loaned a huge amount of money for the reconstruction of the metropolis, first of all he built the city bay so that it could receive large boats, and then with the discovery of oil in the Persian Gulf, the financial system recovered and accelerated the development of the Dubai hundreds of times. This is how Dubai became one of the biggest tourist destinations and developed rapidly. And although you should not forget that Dubai was originally a fishing village, so a lot of people have vivid memories, as well as evidence of its interesting history. Lots of people, both fellow citizens and out-of-towners, especially like the best entertainment in Old City to understand what life was like in the days before the city’s transformation into the futuristic capital. So if you want to experience Dubai entirely, with each of its districts, you should not neglect the comfort that you are used to even in the Old City, so the good old Rolls Royce rent Dubai is an ideal option, regardless of whether you are alone or with your family. Just imagine driving a hired Rolls Royce Dawn that has a bit of an old-fashioned vibe on the roads of the old city… Absolutely stunning!

Ancient areas of Dubai

Dubai Creek is now a major tourist attraction and an important part of the Old Dubai. For a reasonable price, you can take one of the traditional abrams. One of the highest-traffic roads, for example, runs from Al Sabkha Deira Station to Dubai Gold Souk Ahras station. Each of it accommodates on average 15+ passengers. Tourists also love the dreamy corner of Dubai called Villa del Patrimonio de Dubai in the historic Al-Shindaga district, because it gives an idea of the authentic way of life of Dubai with old houses and buildings. Keep in mind that best way to explore all the area around is car hire Dubai.

Anyone who likes to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the UAE should also find an opportunity to check out the Dubai Museum. This place will literally take you back in time so you could feel the history of the place. Also, in the different wings of the museum you will find many things that will entertain you and expand your knowledge of Dubai. So if you are here in the city for the first time, visiting the museum is a must when traveling to Dubai, because the things that you will see in the museum will help you understand how the city developed.

Increased comfort level everywhere you go

Nevertheless, despite the fact that some parts of the city remain ancient and untouched, the variety of cars on the road is still amazing. The thing is that tourists most often look into such parts of the city to get acquainted with its history, but this does not mean that they are ready to sacrifice their comfort, so bright supercars look very colorful against the background of the Dubai slums. Quite often, stately and beautiful Rolls Royces are found here, which attract the attention of everyone: starting from local children and ending with other tourists who explore the area. Everything is really simple because Dubai still remains itself wherever you are, so be ready that you will find luxury and abundance absolutely everywhere, because people here really appreciate comfort and are not afraid to spend some money to rent a car. Moreover, they always choose the best options to keep themselves in the environment they are used to.

So if you’d like to explore every corner of this beautiful city be sure that you will not need to lose anything, moreover, you will gain an incredible experience only.

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