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Expert warns UK of ‘apocalypse’ amid governments coronavirus figures

by LLB Reporter
15th Mar 20 2:01 pm

An expert in infectious diseases, has warned that 20m people across the UK could be infected by coronavirus this summer.

Professor Francois Balloux, of University College London warned the government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, that his approach to the virus is a “big gamble.”

Professor Balloux told MailOnline, “In the absence of intervention, I would expect between 20 to 30% of the population will be infected by the summer.”

If the Professor is accurate, then 20m people will be infected with coronavirus by mid-June.

Sir Patrick said last week at Downing Street that roughly 60% of the UK must catch the virus to build up a “collective immunity.”

But, Professor Balloux, “We won’t hit 60% by mid-June. There’s no way. If we do, it’ll be an apocalypse.”

Assessing the government’s plan, which is the opposite with the rest of Europe, he said, “It could be a wonderful success and, in a few years’ time, people will say they are the cleverest people on earth for saving so many lives in the UK and everyone else got it wrong, or not.”

Speaking on Sky’s Ridge On Sunday, shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said, “The World Health Organisation (WHO) is saying that we should continue testing and contact tracing.

“They’re saying that is the best way to break the chain of contagion.

“The UK have taken a different view that if you feel ill that you just stay at home for seven days and won’t be tested.

“Many people are saying to me that they need a Covid-19 test if they’re ill because they need to know whether they should be interacting with other people in a few weeks’ time.”

He added, “So I just need to understand better why the government is taking a different approach, based on its science, from other countries and I think that’s why it is so important that all the scientific modelling for example is published.”

People across the UK are being refused the coronavirus test despite the World Health Organization (WHO) advising the UK health officials to do so.

WHO director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus hit out at Boris Johnson on Friday after he announced only the most seriously ill will be tested, whilst others who notice symptoms encouraged to self-isolate for 14 days.

The government has stepped up their “wartime” extreme measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Boris Johnson has refused to rule out placing entire cities in the UK in total lockdown.

ITV’s Shebab Khan, who spoke with government sources said on Saturday evening, “The approach and strategy is to delay the spread of the virus so the measures could include closing down schools, bars, clubs, shops, restaurants.”

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