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Expert warns UK has exceeded Italy’s daily death rate

by LLB Reporter
10th Apr 20 3:30 pm

The UK has exceeded Italy’s daily death rate before hitting the coronavirus peak, and an expert warns it could get much worse.

The Director of Epidemiology for Global Data Kasey Fu who, told the Express the coronavirus peak is to hit over Easter weekend.

She said, “When Italy had their peak of deaths it was around 900 cases per day and that’s what we’re seeing for the UK right now.

“So, it may even be higher because the UK hasn’t reached the peak yet.”

Italy reached their coronavirus peak on 21 March when they had 6,557 cases, the UK currently has almost 66,000 cases, as of 10 April.

Then on 27 March Italy recorded their highest deaths which was 919, the UK currently has 8,114 deaths as of 10 April.

The expert gave a grim warning that the UK’s death toll is expected to significantly increase along with the rate of coronavirus infections.

Italy has 143,626 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 18,279 deaths and 28,470 people have recovered from the virus.

This comes as a government spokeswoman said, “Everyone has a role to play in this, and the best way we can protect our loved ones is by staying away this Easter.

“We understand that people will want to spend time with their friends and families this Easter, and we recognise that we are asking the public to make sacrifices in the fight against this disease.”

On Friday the UK coronavirus death toll has sharply risen by 953 to 8,931 according to figures released on Friday.

England recorded 866 coronavirus patient deaths and another 87 across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The patients were aged between 27 and 100-years old, and 56 of the patients who died had no known underlying health conditions.

Over the next two weeks, scientists said the death toll will continue to rise due to a lag in how the reporting of fatalities are being announced.

Scientists in Finland have warned coronavirus can stay in the air far longer than previously thought, through talking, sneezing and coughing.

The scientist released a 3D model showing how the virus spreads in the air through tiny airborne aerosols particles.

Their findings “emphasise the importance of avoiding busy indoor spaces.”

Police have warned on Friday that they will stop people from having BBQs in parks, beaches and other public areas.

Even if members from their own household are out and applying social distancing measures this will not be allowed.

John Apter, national chair of the police federation of England and Wales said on Friday the “vast majority” of people are following the law.

However, he said there are a minority that are either “genuinely confused by the guidance or they’re completely oblivious to the dangers.”

In a warning to the public he said if people were allowed to sit down and have barbecues in parks or other public spaces that it would be like “any other normal bank holiday weekend where the parks are packed full of people wanting to enjoy the sunshine.”

On Thursday, the Metropolitan Police were caught flouting the lockdown rules as they were congregating drinking coffee whilst many people were gathered together, sitting on benches enjoying the sun.

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