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Essential information on personal injury claims

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Oct 18 8:57 am

London solicitors in personal injury

In a span of three years you might have had a personal injury caused by someone’s negligence that may have been traumatic. You certainly do not deserve this and Hodge Jones and Allen Solicitors is certainly the place to go to for your compensation claims complaint. They render their service in order not to make profit from your injury but only to make sure that you are properly compensated on damages for your injury.

Personal injury claims

What is personal injury? The law view of personal injury is that it’s a tort of negligence suffered by plaintiff (one who suffers the injury) and can sue for damages. Negligence must show that the defendant owed the injured plaintiff a duty of care which has to be legal. This can be a workplace accident, hospital treatment gone wrong due to negligence or a road accident caused by careless driving.

When to claim for personal injury and the facts that need to be proven

Hodge Jones and Allen prides itself to be the best to run to when you need a home to represent you by law for your injury claims. The injury claim has some limitations as you have to prove that you indeed suffered either a physical, psychological injury or a disease caused by a personal injury against your will as some injuries may be due to contributory negligence of your own, Volenti-Non-Fit-Injuria, which is an assumption of risk that you put yourself into.

Hodge Jones and Allen will protect you for your personal injury claims. By doing an assessment of the damage, you can sue or claim if only you can prove that it happened within 3 years prior to the injury suffered. You can use their various contact methods to get in touch with them once you are certain that the impairment was due to a personal injury caused by one who owed you a duty of legal care for the period.

There are two types of damages you ought to know about. First are the general damages which is all about the physical pain and suffering, a bounce back of the life standard, and impairment or even loss of companionship and death. The other is special damages. They must be quantifiable on the basis of a financial loss such as a car accident that now needs repairing to be done.

To get in touch with Hodge Jones and Allen, you may fill in their contact form on their website, ring them on 0800 437 0322 anytime or opt to use their Compensation Calculator to gauge how much you could earn the damages that you are entitled to. Once you have done this, their expert team will get in touch with you to arrange what should happen next.

Do you have to go for a court hearing?

Courts cases are not the only solution to settling the dispute and for this Hodge Jones and Allen try to avoid it as much as possible through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as negation between the two parties. This is actually much better as it provides an even platform for you not to be in bad blood with the other, and also avoid the lengthy court process which may also not be pocket friendly. However, as much as they may try to avoid the court there some instances where they will advise for your trauma damage compensation to be solved in court, as more than just negotiation is needed and a court hearing would do. This may be due to certain terms that either party may not agree to solve through compensation. This will require you to go for a court hearing and an advocate will be there for you for the tort committed unto you.

The main causes of personal injury

The claim of personal injury may range from a wide variety of instances. They may be due an injury at a place of work such as one getting burnt due to the kitchen repairs not being properly done, a fall of an object in a building as you visit, or a drunk driver hitting a pedestrian, or any other number of causes.

The main points of concern may include:

  • Accidents at work
  • Sports injury
  • Trauma injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Holiday injuries
  • Criminal injuries
  • Car and road accident injuries
  • Eye and loss of sight injuries

How much compensation can you get?

This depends, as every personal injury is different. Whether it’s a minor injury or something more severe, the amount of compensation you could receive will be different, so it’s best to get in touch with one of Hodge Jones and Allen’s lawyers to find out roughly how much you could earn in compensation.

Service price

This being a customer-oriented company that doesn’t deal on exploitation of the injury of another, there are no financial risks to you as you do not have to pay a single penny for the service they offer.

Get in touch

Contact Hodge Jones and Allen for an initial free consultation on 0800 437 0322 or use their contact form on their website.

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