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Eight tips for deep cleaning your house

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14th Apr 22 12:02 pm

Deep cleaning your house can seem like an overwhelming task, but these tips will help you tackle it in manageable chunks. From general advice to deep cleaning ideas, here are the best ways to deep clean your house!

But before we get to that, our research found that 5 in 10 adults claim they’re too busy to clean. For those of you, eMop offers affordable and reliable domestic deep cleaning services in London.

If you still wish to do it without third-party help, here are eight useful tips for you to consider:

1. Make a list

Get started with a room-by-room list of what you want to do. Be realistic about it—you don’t have to clean your entire home at once!

Check off items as you go. For example, if you want to clean out your closet, make a list of each item in there that needs attention (wrinkled clothes, broken hangers, etc.) and remove them one by one.

The process will feel less overwhelming if you take things slowly. And remember: If something is not coming off your list, it means it doesn’t need doing right now!

2. Pause before buying new items

We all have that friend who seems to have a new gadget every time you visit their home. To keep clutter from accumulating in your living space, pause before you buy something new.

Is it something you need? Does it bring value to your life? Or will it just be another item in your house taking up space? For example, try not to buy more than one case of bottled water every month; invest in a reusable bottle and fill it up at home instead.

You might find yourself surprised by how much time you can save by not having to clean up all that extra clutter.

3. Don’t be afraid to throw things away

If you haven’t used it in six months, it’s time to get rid of it. The same goes for clothing—if you haven’t worn an item in a year, give it away. This will clear out space in your closet and make more room in your drawers. What is more, some believe it’s a sure way to save mental energy.

4. Use digital organisation tools

Try using digital organisation tools like apps to help keep everything in order. There are some brilliant ones out there. Some allow you to create lists, while others remind you when things need doing – they even have timers so they nag at you until they’re done!

If this doesn’t work, give yourself a time limit and stick to it. For motivation, remember that cleaning your house burns up to 100 calories!

5. Delegate tasks to family members

Let everyone contribute to domestic chores. The more people pitch in, the quicker you’ll get done. Assign tasks to each member such as doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting.

If you have children, encourage them to take on some of their own chores by offering small rewards for good work. This way, they can learn how important it is to pitch in around the house — while also learning valuable life skills like taking responsibility and earning money through hard work.

6. Deep clean windows

Window cleaning is not as easy as it seems. If you have ever tried to clean your windows, you know how difficult it can be to do a thorough job while getting all of those little corners and edges just right.

The easiest way to make sure that you get all of these areas perfectly is by using a squeegee. The best squeegees are rigid and will stand up to continuous use without bending or flexing in any way.

This will allow you to clean every inch of your window with precision and ease. It’s also important to find a good balance between an affordable price and quality materials when choosing your squeegee.

7. Declutter

To start, get rid of all unnecessary clutter. This includes things you haven’t used in months or even years—and it might even mean going through old boxes stored in your attic and basement.

Don’t worry about disposing of items at first; just place everything that’s not being used in a shed or garage. You can always donate them later on. When you’re done with each room, move on to the next one until your entire house is cleaned from top to bottom.

8. Remove dust from hard-to-reach surfaces

When dusting, you want to go over as many surfaces as possible. One of those areas is behind doors and drawers. Because there’s not a lot of airflow in these areas, they tend to get dusty pretty quickly.

Don’t forget these hard-to-reach places when giving your place a good once over. While you’re at it, also wipe down your door frames. You might be surprised how much dirt builds up on them!

Final thoughts

A clean home is a key ingredient to overall well-being, but most of us don’t spend enough time or energy keeping our homes neat and clean. If you have time on weekends or after work, it’s worth considering a professional domestic cleaning service.

Not only will they make your home shine, but you’ll also benefit from regular services like carpet cleanings and oven maintenance.


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