E-scooters are illegal on roads and pavements with a fixed £300 fine


The Metropolitan Police has started a crackdown on electric scooters to improve road safety, as they are not legally allowed to be used on roads or pavements, only on private land.

The offender if caught can face a fixed penalty notice of £300 and can have six points added to their driving licence, for using an uninsured motor propelled vehicle.

The scooters can travel up to 20 mph and some parents have been seen with their children doubled up on the scooters whilst taking them to school.

Sgt Andy Osborne of the Met police cycle safety team said, “We are noticing a trend, scooters are becoming more prevalent.

“A lot of people will say ‘I didn’t realise’ and walk off with it. If they do something particularly dangerous, we will take it off them.”

The initiative undertaken by Transport for London is to reduce road fatalities and injuries by 2041.